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Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter Dragomon Hunter is a free manga themed MMORPG which will fulfill all of your anime desires. Not only is it appealing to anime-lovers, but also to console players, as Dragomon Hunter features built in controller support. Get ready to join the hunt and fight to the best of your chibi ability. Are you ready to begin the adventurous life of a hunter? As a Dragomon Hunter, you will fight and defeat 100+ Dragomon, which will then enable you to mount them or use their body parts to craft new weapons. Teaming up with friends to defeat Dragomon will surely sharpen your hunting capability as well as hone your multiplayer skills.

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Dragomon Hunter

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Dragomon Hunter Review

Dragomon Hunter is a free to play fantasy rpg game available for the PC. It is a bright and colourful game that has a kid friendly design. That being said, the game still offers gameplay that will appeal to gamers of all ages. Before you start the game, you have to go on to create the character you want to play as in the game. There are four classes in the game that are available to choose from. The classes include: Mercenary, Mage, Cleric and a Scout.

elysium city adventure in dragomon hunter

The Mercenary is your typical swordsman that can wield a sword. This class is perfect to choose if you are a beginner for these types of games. Next up is a Mage that specializes in different magic spells. The Cleric is similar to the Mage, but this class has a big club. Lastly, thereís the Scout which is the fastest class available. The Scout is armed with Sais which is the same weapons that Raphael uses from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is worth mentioning that the class you choose is permanent throughout the entire game. You have choose wisely or else you may have to start the game all over again if you choose a class you donít like. This is disappointing as some other games allow you to change classes. The recently released Fat Princess Adventures allows you to change between four classes whenever you reach a checkpoint.

delphia Karen Captain Falkon in dragomon hunter

There is some customization that is available for your character in Dragomon Hunter. You are free to choose the hairstyle, skin color and more. The customization options are limited, but itís nice to have some type of freedom to alter the appearance for your character. Once you are satisfied with your character, you can then start playing the actual game itself. The game starts off with a cutscene that explains the overall premise. The game has a similar structure to that of Monster Hunter as your character seeks out big monsters to kill. The thrill of the game is by getting stronger so that you can go out and defeat the harder monsters that are lurking in this world.

The best part about Dragomon Hunter as free rpg game is that you donít have to do all of the work by yourself. You are free to team up with many other players to hunt down a certain monster. Itís actually better to co-operate with other players than to just play the game all by yourself. The game is far easier playing with friends and you accomplish a lot more as a team. The gameplay is Dragomon Hunter is excellent as itís more than just a simple hack and slash type of game. You have full control of your characterís attacks by pressing the number keys on the keyboard. This results in the combat system being fast and swift. Not to mention, itís better to play this way than just clicking on the mouse button all of the time.

Agatha Spectrall in dragomon hunter

What I love most about this game is its graphics and overall production values. The game has a cute appearance as the character models look like anime chibi chibis. The 3D graphics also have a unique look that almost makes the game have a cartoon feel to it. I have not seen graphics like this since I played Eternal Sonata on the PS3. I also admire that the game is bright and colourful throughout. Itís a nice change of setting compared to the drab post-apocalyptic that most modern video games love to use all of the time. Another thing that is so pleasant about Dragomon Hunter is the audio. The voice acting is great, although I hoped there would be more voice overs. The music however is the biggest standout. Since it was Christmas when I played this game, the song ďJingle BellsĒ was playing throughout. Itís nice to know the developer is aware that itís the holiday season and made the game feel fun to play because of it.

In terms of performance, I had no troubles playing this game whatsoever. I did not encounter any glitches and the game never slowed down either. The frame rate never dipped too low even though there were lots of characters on the screen at the same time. The only minor flaw is that I feel the HUD is too cluttered. Other than that, every other aspect of this game is great. Overall, Dragomon Hunter is one of the best free to play fantasy anime MMORPG games I have played throughout the entire year. Its presentation and gameplay is immaculate. Not to mention itís a game that anyone can enjoy. If you love Monster Hunter, you will find a lot to enjoy here with Dragomon Hunter.

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