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NightFalls Nightfalls is a Next Gen browser MMORPG. Recruit your champions carefully and combine your forces to banish evil once and for all. Nightfalls is a casual mix of role playing mechanics, strategy features and social interaction. Adventures take place in a fictional world built using medieval fantasy elements. Game content features PvE battles and PvP action.

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Nightfalls Game Review

Nightfalls is a free to play MMORPG that you can play online via your browser. This means you can just play the game straight on your computer provided that you are connected to the internet. You donít have to check the specs of your computer or anything like that in order to play this game properly. Unlike some other free to play MMORPGs , Nightfalls has a bit of a backstory that is told via a short cut scene when you first boot up the game. It is pretty much a story about demons coming out of hiding and is destroying the world. It is up to the player to help seal the demons back underground where they belong. This is easier said than done because the playerís job will be a long one.

nightfalls:butcher barbarian quest

Unlike most other MMORPGs, Nightfalls does not allow you to customize the look or class of your character at the start of the game. You can only choose between a male and female character that already have pre-set designs. This is a minor flaw, but nothing major that spoils the actual gameplay. Itís usually just nice having the option to customize the appearance of characters in MMOs. From the get-go, I could tell that this game is one of those MMORPGs that have a very fast pace. Itís the 2D-style RPG with the camera angle from an isometric point of view. These RPGs are usually fast paced because the player can choose not to explore the world and just auto-travel to the next mission. This in turn makes the character automatically travel to the next location without the player controlling where they have to go all of the time.

This style of MMORPG is perfect for the type of gamer that is a little impatient. All you have to do is click the link in the quest box and your character goes to the exact location that you need to go to next. This includes dungeons and characters that you have to speak to as well. You donít need to even look at a map as itís not required. However, the thing that annoyed me about this game is its HUD. The HUD looks cluttered as a lot of annoying pop-up windows flood the entire screen. Even the chat box is open as default so I had to find out how to minimize it. Not only that, but sometimes the game notifies me of special events going on so it shows a scrolling bar in the middle of the screen to tell me info I donít want to know about. The HUD should have been cleaner as the multiple windows become a major distraction when you play the game.

hilmsussie and smite evill battle:nightfalls

As for the gameplay, the game has an old-school turn-based combat system. For those unfamiliar with this, this is where the player and the enemy take turns on hitting one another. The player has several skills available to them at the bottom of the screen. Some skills do more damage to enemies than others. There is a bit of skill involved in Nightfalls combat system because itís not all about spamming the same type of attack over and over again. Sometimes you may have to find out the weaknesses of the enemy or save up enough energy to unleash a more powerful attack. You are even awarded stars for your performance in each battle. If you manage to earn the maximum three stars, your rewards will be greater.

The most unique thing about Nightfalls is that you can recruit companions along the way in order to help you in battle. The type of companions that you can recruit include: crusaders, warlocks, monks, cabalists and witch doctors. All of them have their own unique abilities to aid you in battle. Itís cool to have them around because the battles get tougher the more you play.

wyatt town map:nightfalls

As for its presentation, the graphics are good and the character models look detailed and stylish. The design may not look innovative, but itís good for a free to play video game. The game also has a soundtrack playing in the background and full sound effects. The only thing missing is voiceovers, but this is to be expected as not every free to play video game has money to add that in. Overall, Nightfalls is a highly entertaining free no download MMORPG that fans of the genre should definitely check out. The fast pace nature of the gameplay means you get to the action quickly and thereís never a dull or boring moment in the game whatsoever.

NightFalls Gameplay Video

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