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Animal Jam

Animal Jam National Geographic Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world launched in 2010 by WildWorks in partnership with the National Geographic Society. Animal Jam is an exciting playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors.

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Animal Jam

Animal Jame Play the game picture


Experiencing a Fun and Entertaining Gaming World in Animal Jam

The online gaming realm continue to evolve as this days many company created many innovation that can make things not only more entertaining but also purposeful. One title that have been attracting many attention recently is a collaborative effort from WildWorks along with National Geographic titled, Animal Jam. This supposedly fun and educative virtual MMO game world offer an interesting blend of animal related information along with exciting playing experience for kids, teenagers or maybe even adults. Although this outing is seeming being setup for kids to learn about many educational stuff while experiencing fun gaming journey, but anyone are free to try it since there's actually enough entertaining features being crafted in this game.

Animal jam new jammer's den

Starting things out, gamer can actually acknowledge how National Geographic do have that master plan in getting kids as players, as everything is being designed in a very simple fashion. Gamer can immediately create their animal character by picking several available options in which they can also customize it with some unique options. Players must also set up a name for their chosen character, which are derived from a fixed list of interesting choices that should make you all feel lighthearted. Obviously, there's no certain class being set up in this outing, since everything is merely about animal world, so it will attract game lovers from a different aspect.

After completing all of the required preparation, gamer will immediately enter the world called Jamma which are vast, colorful and quite entertaining. At first, there will be several demo instruction that should really help players from grasping everything they can do in that gaming realm. There are plenty of stuff that can be done by game lovers, as those who are just looking for some fun or maybe acquiring more of this game's educational stuff can simply travel all over the places via world map setup. In each of every areas, players are not being ordered to do any tasks at all as they can just stroll around or play some mini cool mini games, which will give them much needed gems. Unfortunately, not all of those mini games can be freely played since some are only made available for registered members. Aside from discovering them in several spots, game lovers can also play those fun simple games by clicking the joystick options above their user interface.

Animal jam new jammer's den

Sharing more views about the membership setup, there are also many other stuff that gamer can't freely acquired without joining as part of Animal Jam group. Off course to become one of the members of this outing, game lovers must pay required admission fee, so those who are not keen on using any real cash should just take what they can get. Players shouldn't have much concern though as they can still enjoy large part of this gaming universe even without paying any of those admission fee. However, those who wouldn't mind investing some of their cash to become a member, will definitely feel plenty advantages as they can acquire every items, pets and unlocking all gaming areas. Nevertheless, this game remain entertaining enough even without those special privilege that paid member are being given to by Animal Jam's developer.

As it was slightly explained above, there are many interesting features being provided aside from strolling around all the cities. Game lovers who are keen on tasting something more serious and story incorporated role playing adventure can test the adventure section, in which they will be given several tasks and meet up with this realm's main enemies called phantoms. Notably there isn't any real battle going on though, since even on those adventures game lovers can only trap or avoid the annoying phantoms instead of attacking those dark colored monsters. Another interesting feature that gamer can get themselves involved in is visiting other players' den or challenging them for one on one mini game battles. Because it's an online battle, gamer must be sure that their opponent are available and willing to play along. It's quite fun, though those challenges are often quite simple and can be rather boring if being played repetitively.

As for the game control, Animal Jam is quite easy to handle which is quite predictable considering this game is mostly being set for children or teenager instead of adult. Gamer can use their mouse clicks for most of the time, except during some mini games which often requiring keyboard, mostly directional keys. Players can also uses that arrow direction buttons in normal situation to move their animal character's around if they are not keen on using mouse. This game's visualization is nothing special, though the design can be pretty adorable which is good enough since it's practically an animal loving world which shouldn't required complex and specific drawings to make it interesting. This game's social interaction is quite active with gamer can easily communicate with others and challenge one another without much problems if they are keen on doing so. This game's doesn't have too much PvP setup, but those one on one challenges can be considered as an interesting features that players should enjoy doing. The music is also on point and suitable enough to accompany players while they are exploring Animal Jam's gaming universe. There's also some interesting voice over early on in the game, which is pretty interesting and informative enough for new players who are still learning their traits.

Animal jam go to bunny burrow, find the key

Overall, Animal Jam is relatively an entertaining gaming options that have wide age range as although it's mostly designed for kids, but even their parents can find some joy by playing it. Although, the paid membership requirement do give some discomfort for those who are more keen on playing for free, but that's basically the developer and publisher's privilege. Nevertheless, considering its' concept, even free-based game enthusiasts will still have many fun times playing this outing since it's not really something they should be taken super seriously. That's why being a browser-based outing, this game is surely something worth trying for everyone who are looking for something fun that can be used to kill time or just experiencing an entertaining gaming moment

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