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One Piece 2

One Piece 2 One Piece 2: Pirate King is a browser RPG game based on One Piece Online. Along with luffy to explore a new Pirate treasure world. King of Pirates is coming. Play the sequel to the hit Anime themed broswer game for free!

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One Piece 2

One Piece 2 Pirate King the game picture

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Enjoying Another Fun Pirate Experience With One Piece 2

Following the positive response of their previous installment, renown developer, JoyGames unleashed the second title for One Piece Online, providing another fun browser based anime inspired outing for game enthusiasts. Just like its title, this game will once again carry many aspects from its famous franchise, which continue to attract strong popularity up to this date. On this sequel, players will basically play out the original game's story by becoming the captain or leader for certain crew as they fight their way in battling against enemies while searching for treasures as always. Gamer might not be able to choose the original One Piece characters as their main hero, but they can still use them as team members, who will be helping players throughout their gaming journey.

one piece 2 battle power

Starting out, as always gamer will be asked to sign up before eventually beginning their gaming journey right after choosing which server they're keen on entering. Ahead of getting into One Piece 2 realm, gamer must choose one out of four available classes, which are: Sailor, Dark Mage, Sniper and Doctor. All of them have different type of abilities, but unfortunately they are already gender locked, which basically means that any options that gamer picked have been determined whether its male of female. Moreover, there are not character customization being made available, so players can't really create something different from others. Nevertheless, game lovers won't be that affected by it since each of those classes do possess exciting skills that can be truly enjoyed especially during battles.

After completing all of those pre-game setup, players can immediately get their gaming journey started as they will first get a taste of what type of battle they're going to experience with a sort of early introduction. Basically gamer is being set in becoming captain of a crew which will try to battle evil pirates and completing any missions being asked by the game's NPC. Making things more exciting, after reaching certain level, players can start recruiting crew members, including the main character from One Piece, such as Luffy, Zorro and others as well. Patience is needed though in acquiring those original anime characters since leveling might might not be as fast as other browser based MMORPG out there.

one piece 2 pirate king

Gamer's gaming world will also includes traveling to several places, instead of just sticking around at one or two areas, so there's plenty diverse areas that can be explored. Still, in each of them, players will be doing similar kind of stuff, which relates to completing every assignment and battling enemies. However, once accessible, game lovers can also enjoy other PvP features which should allow them to experience something more different than the usual PvE setup. Aside from that gamer can always re-do each of every battling stages they've done to acquire more exp or maybe even getting more loots that can further help them as the game goes.

The battle system for this title is an automated one, aside from activating players' skills in which they can simply use mouse click or pressing designated keys. However, even that slight manual impact can be fully transformed into an auto-battle setup by the time gamer reach level 20. Basically, players only need to arrange certain formation along with gearing up their hero and its crews before embarking themselves in any fights. It's still quite fun though, especially since the characters do have exciting attacking skills that are quite eye catching. Not just during battle, the overall setup for One Piece 2 is basically automated with pathing system that allows gamer to complete their tasks without much confusion or complication.

Aside from a pretty hectic PvE setup, as it was previously informed, this game also have PvP options that can entertain game lovers, who are keen on competing against other players. Naturally winning any of the available PvP can give several interesting stuff for game lovers, so it's advised to try and become one of the best among others. Moreover, despite being a 2D game, this outing is actually quite fine visually as it does present One Piece's animated world well enough. The music is pretty stunning as well, especially those anime lovers who are keen with rocking stuff as they will be getting plenty heavy head banging moment, especially during battles.

one piece 2 pirate king

Having a story line that includes Luffy and co also helps this game in getting into the hearts of One Piece lovers since now they can practically put themselves as part of those One Piece heroes. They can be an ally with their anime idols and battling hand in hand against dangerous enemies that threatened them. The game's auto format once again can be considered as a positive aspect as it can help those who are new to online gaming world in enjoying this game without getting too much stress over completing any mission. Meanwhile, the more experienced game lovers, can also get entertained with the variety of PvE and PvP features that Joygames put out in OP2.

one piece 2 pirate king

Overall, One Piece 2 is another fun anime inspired MMPORPG that offer plenty gaming entertainment, especially for fans of this franchise. The developer's decision to keep involving all of OP's main heroes is definitely a positive move that should continue to keep this second installment popular. Although there's several limitations, especially in terms of customizing characters, but the variety of features, skills along with simple game control were able to maintain this outing's appeal. Having an automated battle is not always something that RPG lovers are keen on having, but once again with a nice and smooth packaging, this game can divert all of those potential displeasure away. Concluding it, OP2 is indeed an attractive browser-based MMORPG that should be checked out by any online game enthusiasts.

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