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Download Devilian and play for FREE in the ultimate action MMORPG. Spread your wings, sharpen your steel, and join the vanguard of Devilians battling for the fate of Nala!

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Devilian Review

Devilian Online is a fantasy based MMORPG free to play fantasy based MMORPG that is similar in style to that of Diablo and many other games of the same genre. The gameplay is high on action and is really addictive that will make gamers play for hours on end. Itís worth mentioning you need to download 10GB of data first before you are able to play it. The updates that have been released so far are not that large thankfully so you donít have to wait that long. The first thing that you have to do in this game is create your own character. There are four classes that include the following: Evoker, Berserker, Shadowdancer and a Cannoneer. Different classes have varying levels of abilities and also are armed with a diverse set of weapons. Choose your class wisely because you are unable to change it once the game actually starts.

A great thing about Devilian is that is has one of the most robust character creation options I have seen in recent months in regards to a free to play game. There are many ways you can alter the appearance for your character to make them the way you want. A lot of things can be changed such as their skin tone, face, lip color, hairstyle and more. The only thing you cannot change is their body type which is a little disappointing. You cannot make the character fat or tall as the default body type is all that you can do. After choosing the character, a short cutscene plays out that describes the story of Devilian. It is pretty much a story about a dark lord that comes down on the planet to kill the Earthís god. The attack is deadly that the debris corrupts the land so now we have lots of demons and other evil creatures roaming around. Some people manage to harness the power in order to fight back and banish the dark lord once and for all. After the war ends, another evil being named Malek has summoned more devils and itís up to the player(s) to stop them.

The game starts right after the cutscene ends and it immediately tells you which control scheme suits you best. You have the option of either controlling your character by using the mouse or keyboard. Itís great that they give the player both options to choose from so you can decide which control scheme suits your personal style. The main gameplay in Devilian is pretty much a dungeon crawler like Diablo. The isometric camera viewpoint is similar to Diablo and even some of the level design is the same as well. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but people that have played Diablo before will instantly see the similarities between both games instantly.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Devilian allows you to control your characterís attack while they are in combat. This is not the usual game where you just click on the mouse button and your character just hacks automatically. Here, you have to press the buttons on the keyboard in order to unleash your attacks. There are cooldown periods to some of your attacks to stop you from spamming the same thing over and over again. What I like most about Devilian is just how action packed the game is from the get-go. Even though this game does have a tutorial, it does not waste time too much time in teaching you all of the basics. You are pretty much in on the action from the start of the game as demons and other creatures attack. The game is generous on the number of baddies you have to face too as you face against multiple classes of bad guys and even a boss in the first 15 minutes!

Devilian also has high production values as the quality of the presentation is commendable. This game is unlike other MMORPGs that may have a lack of sound or music playing in the background. Not to mention the HUD design is clean and slick as you donít get all of the annoying pop-ups that usually appear in other free to play games. This game has full voice acting as well as cutscenes that tell a decent story. Itís more than just doing repetitive fetch quests over and over again as there are actual characters and enemies that are established here. The music is also great to listen to as well as the soundtrack really sets the sombre mood of the game perfectly.

The only flaw that might be present here is that the game is not easy for all players. This game really throws you in the deep end really fast and enemies attack you on all sides and donít go easy on you whatsoever. Veteran MMORPG Game fans wonít have a problem adjusting to the difficulty, but everyone else might want to get some practice before tackling this game. Overall, Devilian is a high quality free to play online rpg game with excellent production values and addictive gameplay. If you have played games like Diablo before, you will enjoy this game immensely. Even RPG games fans in general will love the story and combat in this game as itís easy to get invested in. I highly recommend you play this game as I guarantee you that you wonít be disappointed. Devilian Gameplay Video

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