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Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity When the gods have fallen, you shall ascend! Guardians of Divinity is a F2P browser-based MMORPG from To fight the gods, you must steal the powers of other deities that you encounter in your travels. G.O.D. integrates a novel Morph system, allowing player to transform into different gods or deities during a fight after accumulating enough Rage.

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Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity

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Guardians of Divinity Review

Guardians of Divinity is a 3D MMORPG that is playable online via your web browser. It is a fantasy based free MMORPG no download game full of action and hours of gameplay. However, does it introduce anything new to the table? Much like other MMORPGs , the game starts out where you choose a class that you want to play as. There are only three class types in this game and they are: Archer, Warrior and a Mage. The characters are preset for you to select so there is no cosmetic character customization available in this game. However, the class types include both male and female options.

Since this is a browser-based game, Guardians of Divinity loads pretty quickly so you don’t have to wait that long to play it. The game has the isometric camera viewpoint and the character models are in 2D, but they are moving inside a 3D environment. The only downside to this style of presentation from a browser standpoint is that the in-game character models take a long time to render on the screen. The game itself loads fast as aforementioned, but the actual environments and characters haven’t been rendered yet. Sometimes I would play the game bashing enemies I cannot see yet which I think is pretty odd.

Upon playing the game, there is no eventful tutorial that you need to go through because the controls and gameplay are pretty simplistic. Guardians of Divinity is one of those games that offer “autonomous gameplay” as the developer calls it. These are the types of games where you don’t have to click or control much, because the game itself does everything for you. This game becomes just a clicking affair because you select the quest on the right hand side of the screen and your character automatically moves there. Combat is also autonomous too because your character starts attacking enemies without you doing much input to their actions. You can press the number keys from time-to-time to execute different skills. The skills are more powerful than normal attacks, although during the beginning of the game they are not needed.

The setting of Guardians of Divinity is interesting because you have the chance to face off against the many Greek Gods. Once you are able to defeat them in battle, you gain new powers that will make you stronger than ever. However, you won’t be fighting the Gods until several hours into the game. The first few hours you are grinding and just facing off against weaker enemy types and sub-bosses. Another unique thing about this game is that you can participate in what they call “Space Battles”. Further into the game, you can create your own vessels and attack other enemy players. The servers are stable when you are playing against online players so that is a good thing. I also did not encounter any major technical issues apart from the aforementioned character models and environments on rendering in time.

Presentation wise, Guardians of Divinity is a mess like many other browser-based MMORPGs. This is because they bombard you with lots of messages while you are still playing the video game. Rewards and other items you gain are spamming the front of the screen and this distracts you big time while you are in the middle of combat. Thankfully, the audio fares better as the booming soundtrack and sound effects are great to listen to while you are playing with good speakers. Overall,Guardians of Divinity doesn’t really bring any new innovative features to the MMORPG genre. The graphics are okay and the game’s performance is credible, but everything else feels the same. The autonomous gameplay makes the combat feel pointless and boring at times and the user interface is downright messy and awful. This is still a good game in parts, but there are better MMORPGs out there to play with. This game is only recommended if you have a poor computer and can only play through your browser.

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