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Lavenders Blues Part 1

Lavenders Blues Part 1 Happy Valentines! And to celebrate, I started a short flash series based off otome games. I've been playing way too many so yeah... Got some inspiration for some cutesy romance stuff. Or do I? This was originally going to be a straight up dating sim, buuuut I decided to just go for the usual sequential visual novel format. Easier that way. The next part will come out only if I feel like it. Basically, only if there's any actual demand for it. I'm pretty busy working on Auburn Sunset, so this was kind of a fun deviation using some of the assets I had. I imagine there would only be one or two more parts at most. And yes, this is completely non-canon, but that never stopped me from making stuff.Taken from SamuraiFlame on

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Lavenders Blues Part 1

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