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Swordsman is a free-to-play action MMORPG, set in the rich world created by Louis Cha, one of the most famous contemporary writers in China.Swordsman is an epic martial arts MMORPG. Immerse yourself in an epic, cinematic journey of tragedy and redemption in a world with ground-breaking visuals and action-packed combat. As a lone survivor of a catastrophic massacre, your revenge begins as you join one of the ten martial arts schools with unique specializations and weapons. Customize your own fighting style and rise to greatness.Swordsman, the ultimate Free-to-Play MMO, will plunge you deep into a battle for martial arts supremacy. Learn from and defeat the masters to become a legend!

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Swordsman Game Review

Swordsman is a unique 3D free MMORPG that you can play on the PC. You need to download approximately 10GB of the gameís data first before you can play it. The PC requirements are not beefy so most people should be able to play it without too many problems. The first thing that you have to do in Swordsman is create your own character. You have the option to be either a male or female character. For a free to play video game, the options to customize your character are varied and unique. You have the freedom to change the look of their face, hairstyles, and more. However, you cannot choose skin color as this game is based in China so all of the characters have to be Chinese.

Once your character has been chosen, the game tells you what type of control scheme you like. You can control the game using the mouse and making your character move by just pushing the left mouse button. Alternatively, you can also control characters using the WASD keys. Either control scheme suits as the main mechanics play like any other MMORPG title. There is also an ďactionĒ control scheme as well, but this is for more advanced players. I chose to play with the WASD method, but I feel this was a wrong choice. This is because this game plays like a first-person shooter as you control the camera using the mouse and your character moves with the WASD keys. This seems like an odd combination to use for a 3D MMORPG so it took me a while to get used to the controls. I feel using a traditional mouse button control scheme is better suited to playing Swordsman.

When you start playing the game, Swordsman begins like every other MMORPG. You chat with a character and then they will give you some type of quest to undertake. The first quest that you have to do is take out a couple of bad guys that have been invading your village. At the beginning of the game, your character has no weapons whatsoever so they have to fight using their fists. The battles are standard combat fare for a MMORPG title as your character will automatically start attacking when they seen an enemy. The game seems like a standard MMORPG title, until you see your master at the village and the invaders start killing everyone. A cutscene plays where your character sees everyone including their master get killed by the main villain of the game. Itís a powerful yet scary moment, but it set the tone of the rest of the game quite well. There arenít many free to play titles that have story-based cutscenes like this.

As you progress in Swordsman, the game gets a lot better. Since this is a martial-arts based video game, you will be able to unlock cooler looking attacks. The acrobatic combat is great to see and it doesnít feel stiff or boring like in other MMORPGs. There are ten class types for you to choose from and all of them offer something different. The production values are also great in this game. Since this game is based in Ancient China, all of the characters speak in their native language. It feels more authentic and better than listening to English voice actors trying to speak in a Chinese accent. The environments look beautiful as well with large villages and a 3D environment that can be fully explored. The only minor downside is that the graphics are a little on the outdated side. For those that want to play a game with modern visuals, you wonít find it here. Swordsman looks more like a PS3/Xbox 360 game at best compared to other PC games out there today.

However, the presentation in this game is still to be commended. The music sounds great and the HUD is clean and easy to read. This is unlike other MMORPGs that flood the screen with annoying ads or other notifications that you donít want to see.

Final Verdict for Swordsman

Overall, Swordsman is a great MMORPG that offers a great narrative and a beautiful environment for you to explore. Itís also refreshing to see a game based on Ancient China since other games based during the same time period are usually set in Japan. Swordsman may not offer anything too new to the table, but itís still a good game to play on its own merits.

Swordsman Gameplay Video

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