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Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Blade & Soul is an action-combat MMORPG from NCSOFT where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and steel! Set in a beautiful and diverse world, and featuring a deep and cinematic story, Blade & Soul surrounds you with the visual beauty of the Far East and embroils you in a world of honour, betrayal, redemption and revenge. Defeat your foes with a fast-paced, combo-driven action combat system in either exciting PvE Dungeons or adrenaline pumping 1v1 PvP Arena battles! Try the newest action MMO on the market for free!

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Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul Game

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Enjoying Exciting Martial Art Atmosphere With Blade & Soul

Martial arts based genre might not be populating the online gaming realm as just yet, but that doesn't stop developer and publisher from crafting this type of games. One name that has been attracting attention of many MMORPG enthusiasts is Blade & Soul, which is unleashed under NCsoft. In this Wu Xia outing, rpg fans can expect a thrilling playing experience especially with such detailed character creation along with fluid action style gameplay. The story-line itself has a quite intriguing tale about vengeance that should brought many interest from role playing enthusiasts who always look for some fascinating background of the game they're playing.

Starting things out, gamer are required to download and do an installation first before eventually getting it started. Those who have enough space for playing, should have much concern as they can immediately follow every instruction and get themselves ready for an exciting gaming adventure. After completing those early requirements, gamer can start picking out their preferred races from four available options. There's Gon, Lyn, Yun and Jin which all have their own distinctive characteristics, so players can simply pick which that suits them best. Moreover, picking out one of those four options will also be related with choosing classes in this outing since it's quite related.

Game lovers might have seven different classes to chose, but unfortunately players can only chose one out of three of them for each races, though some overlapping is also made. As an example a Kungfu Master class can only be played for Gon, Jin and Yun. Meanwhile, Blade Master is accessible for only Yun and Jin races. It's not a completely new system, since many previous titles have already setup similar kind of ideas, so it shouldn't be much of an issue for MMORPG lovers. Giving more fun gaming experience, in Blade and Soul, gamer are being given a wide range of customization for their character. Those who play this outing can simply create a hero that can suit their personal liking and stand out from others from the start to finish. Moreover, having such fine graphic and character design also brought more joy for those who are keen on creating a specific super hero.

Just as it was slightly explained above, Blade & Soul basic story revolves around vengeance in which the gamer experienced a tragic episode which saw their teacher at Hongmoon martial arts school killed by a woman called Jinsoyun. Just like any classic kung-fu hero stories, it's the players' job to get stronger and hunt down those who give their life such a hard time. Similar with any MMORPG, this outing's basic game play is quest completion which notably about finishing any job request from NPCs that should resulted in rewards when it's done. There's the obvious leveling up setup which can be done via grinding enemies, but gamer is still given some options of exploring their playing by switching around with PvP or dungeon crawling, if they are bored with the story sequence. Naturally, with quite similar repetition in each levels, game lovers might be feeling rather jaded as they play the same type of setup continuously.

However, that potential boredom is somewhat being taken away with the fun battle system that Bland and Soul offer. This outing provide game enthusiasts with such fluid and exiting setup which will make players feel like they are playing an RPG with Street Fighter type of combat. Gamer can produce tons of chain martial arts techniques when facing an opponent, creating a very fun battle experience as well as complicated at times. Knowing that putting out that combo attacks can also related with one's healing ability in battles, things can get quite tricky if gamer can't get things right as they might end up using items regularly when fighting their enemies. That's why knowing the type of skills your character has and ability in using or combining them is quite necessary if players doesn't want to get easily beaten by opponents.

In terms of control, this outing uses combination of keys along with mouse where players can find several skills activation bound into numbers or alphabets. Considering the type of fighting being used, it's very important to have that ability in mixing both mouse and keyboards when playing as it definitely makes their playing much more easier. Although it can't be considered as a simple control setup, but what players are experiencing on Blade & Soul is certainly fun, engaging and potentially addicting as well. Having such fun combat setup will bring out that creative and curious edge for game lovers in playing, which automatically increases this game's addictive factor.

Aside from the linear story based PvE setup, gamer can also enjoy the PvP features that are quite engaging and also rewarding. There's a battle royale like atmosphere that can be acquired when trying out world PvP, while the Arena is more of a complex situation where players will need to outsmart their opponent in order to win. There's also options to battle with friends that add another fun dimension in this outing, especially for those who always enjoy this type on online social stuff in MMORPG. All are entertaining, so for those who enjoy social networking in their gaming experience can have as much fun as players who enjoy that solo adventure when playing RPG games. The excellent graphic and character design doesn't mean that this game is without any flaws since it's User Interface can be quite disturbing at times, while there's also some imaging glitch that one might found every now and then. Nevertheless, it's still a well presented game visually, but fans from Europe or North America might sometimes feel that Bland & Soul slightly outdated compared to other new titles, which is actually understandable since its' release outside of Asia is rather late. Still, considering it doesn't really have that pay to win kind of mechanic's this game have more pluses as the real money usage mostly revolves around cosmetics for character's creation.

Final verdict for Blade & Soul

Overall, Blade & Soul is an entertaining and engaging game that provide plenty fun gaming feel for those who enjoy MMORPG. Despite not flawless in terms of presentation, but it has more to offer instead of negative remarks. This outing's exciting combat setup is one of that positive traits that add such strong value for playing it as that element is not exclusively common for this genre. Moreover, although it requires some downloading and installation setup, but this free to play title definitely worth a try, especially for all of you RPG lovers, who are looking to experience a martial arts world full of lovely visual and cool skills.

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