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Star Conflict

Star Conflict Star Conflict is an action-packed, sci-fi MMO and space simulation game that puts players in the role of elite pilots engaging in a widespread with intense fighting gameplay and beautiful graphics.3D sci-fi themed space MMO simulator developed by by Star Gem.

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Star Conflict



Star Conflict Game Review

Star Conflict is a unique sci-fi space style MMO action video game that is playable on the PC. It is free to play and has some of the best combat gameplay I have encountered in a very long time. Itís almost as if I was playing a Star Wars video game. Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, Star Conflict was released back in 2012 although this looks great playing it in 2016. The Space Action MMO game ran pretty smoothly as I managed to play it on an Alienware Alpha console that I am currently borrowing. The initial download for the game is only around 7GB but after that, you can install the game quite smoothly. The minimum requirements arenít large so even if you donít have a beefy PC, you should be fine playing this game on its lowest settings.

The first thing you have to do in the game is go through the tutorial. You have to pilot a spaceship and itís important to know the controls or else you wonít know what to do. The controls are thankfully easy to follow and they are comfortable to get used to. You use the WASD keys to move while the mouse controls your sense of direction. The ship you are forced to pilot during the tutorial is surprisingly slow and sluggish, although it makes up for it in firepower because it can take down enemies quite easily and efficiently.

The best part of this space RPG game is indeed the combat and the spaces battles are fun and fast-paced. I was playing some recent Star Wars video games, and Star Conflict plays quite similarly to them. You have machine guns as the default weapon while your secondary fire is some missiles. The missiles are able to lock-on to enemies, although you still have to be pretty accurate or else the missiles will completely miss your target. Moving around the ship feels satisfying as you can do evasive moves in order to avoid enemy fire from behind you. Usually flying video games have a hard learning curve, but Star Conflict was relatively easy for me to just pick up and play in just a matter of minutes. I was surprised how accessible the game is and I enjoyed flying around taking out lots of enemies in my way.

The other great thing about this sci-fi MMO game is that you can go up against other players in crazy PvP combat. Playing against real-life players is much harder than shooting the A.I., but itís still fun to play and you get better with practice. The more you progress in the game, you can get access to more ships and you can customize them too. In terms of presentation, Star Conflict is slick and professional throughout. It feels very immersive and the graphics look great even though this game came out back in 2012. I managed to play this game on its highest settings and the lighting effects in space look tremendous. It truly feels like you are playing something from Star Wars or Star Trek. I am amazed that a free to play video game has so much detail in it.

Overall, Star Conflict is a great game that gamers should play if you love space battles. There arenít that many free to play video games out there that feature fully immersive 3D space battles. There are also a number of ships for you to unlock and several game modes to occupy you for many hours. If you have nothing else to so this weekend, do yourself a favour and play this game ASAP. You will be missing out if you choose not to play it.

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