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Dragons Prophet

Dragons Prophet Follow your Destiny! From the developers of Runes of Magic comes a new MMORPG that transports you to an epic fantasy world full of Dragons. Become the next Dragonís Prophet! Set in deep fantasy world forged by dragons. Capture, train, ride and fight with over 300 dragons and unlock their unique skills.

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Dragons Prophet

Dragons Prophet


Dragonís Prophet Review

Dragonís Prophet is a new free MMORPG that is free to play. It is downloadable via the official website as it requires around 10GB of data. You have to install of the update patches that have come out since launch too so it can take a while before you can start playing it.

Once you get all of the boring stuff out of the way, you can then start playing. There are four classes that you can choose from and all of them have a different style of gameplay. First there is the Guardian which is armed with a heavy sword. This is good for those that like power the most. Next up you can be the Ranger. The Ranger has a bow and arrow so you can attack from afar. The last two classes are the Oracle and Sorcerer. Both of these classes are similar because you will be dealing with magic.

Itís also great to see that Dragonís Prophet has a real robust customization. The level of detail to how you want to make your character look like is commendable. You can alter just about anything from the way their body shape is, the color of their clothes, style of hair and more. There are no alien races to choose from as you can just be a male or female human character.

I was surprised to see how good the presentation was in Dragonís Prophet because not many free to play games bother with fully voice acted cutscenes. After you choose your character, you will see a decent cutscene play out. It introduces us to a group of characters that ride on top of dragons accomplishing many feats. They live in a place called Auratia, but they have had to form an army because dark forces are looming. This is where the player comes in as they are a part of the new recruits.

During my first introduction of Dragonís Prophet, the first thing that I had to do was attack some zombies that were attack a village. It was interesting to see zombies because zombies arenít usually an enemy type that appears in many fantasy-based RPG Games . Anyway, it was a good introduction because it made me comfortable with the gameís slick style of controls.

The controls in Dragonís Prophet are good because it has an active combat system that isnít just the usual hack-and-slash style that you often see in the MMO genre. You control the character with the WASD keys and you attack using the mouse. It forces players to constantly press the mouse button to attack so itís not the automated system seen in other games. However upon doing this, the combat system can be difficult for some. Even at the beginning of the game, my attacks were pretty weak against the enemies and I died a couple of times. You have to be aware of where you are standing because the combat system wants players to move and make defensive maneuvers.

The best part about this game is that you can actually get a chance to ride on one of the dragons. There are only a handful of video games out there that allow you to ride and fly on a dragon so itís a pretty rare experience. The gliding mechanics are smooth and you can fly just about anywhere you want to go without too many restrictions.

The overall presentation in Dragonís Prophet is quite good. The music and cutscenes add a lot of atmosphere into the game and the open-world environment is large and sparse. The only minor flaw to the presentation is that the graphics are a little on the outdated side. This game did come out in 2013, although the visuals could have been much better. As a whole, Dragonís Prophetis an excellent MMORPG game with a great combat system plus the ability for you to ride a dragon. Itís playable and is one of the more unique free to play MMOs out there in the market. The only minor downside is that it may be hard for beginners to grasp and graphics whores wonít be impressed with its visuals. Other than that, this is worth checking out.

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