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Star Colony

Star Colony StarColony is a tactical browser-based MMORTS in outer space style. Its gameplay is based on establishing and developing colonies, seizing enemy bases and interacting with other colonizers within clans. Players are expected to fight other colonizers and use troops of two alien races for reaching their goals. The strategy stands out for its structure of base building and defending

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Star Colony

Star Colony


Star Colony Game Review

StarColony is a free to play RTS game that you can play on your computerís own browser. Once you register to sign up to play the game, you can almost play it instantly. Bear in mind, the game takes a bit of time to load at the very beginning but after that, itís smooth sailing.

Since this is a MMO RTS, Star Colony forces you to go through a mandatory tutorial so you get up to speed with all of the gameís basics. There are no customization options that you can do at the start of the game as you are just plonked in the middle of nowhere as you build up your colony.

What I liked most about this game is its clean and big style of presentation. When it comes to some free to play video games in general, they clutter the screen with a lot of unwanted pop-up windows. In this game, the buttons are nice and big and the HUD is clean without too many notifications distracting you.

StarColony Gameplay

The presentation as a whole is good, but it was weird at the start. During the tutorial, there was absolutely no audio in the game whatsoever. I initially thought it was one of those games that were mute 100 percent of the time. Thankfully after the tutorial ended, some background music kicked in. The music sounds cool, although the game itself does not have any sound effects when you engage in combat or anything like that.

Much like most other RTS games, the pace in StarColony can be quite slow at the very beginning. The tutorial gives you an overview on what you have to do, but things wonít come your way very quickly. In order for the fun things to start happening, you have to patient in order to have enough resources for you to assemble an army and explore more of the surrounding territory.

The initial goal of the game is that you are a group of humans trying to colonize a planet called Terra. You have to fend off other people in the area as well as enemy alien defenders that are set to destroy your base. You have to keep your defences up and make sure you are strong enough to fight off invaders that want to see you leave the planet for good.

StarColony Combat

The combat is quite cool to do even though it takes a long time for you to assemble your squad. Most of the combat involves you building your own mechs and other robotic style soldiers. They have some cool guns that can destroy the aliens with ease. Not to mention you can upgrade your tower to shoot at anybody coming through too.

Graphically, StarColony looks awesome. The combat might look small, but you can see the developer put a lot of effort into the character models and special effects animation. The explosions and guns looks realistic and you can even see dents created on the battlefield. It would have been better if audio was present during combat, but thatís just a minor nitpick.

As a whole, StarColony is a decent little RTS game that anyone can enjoy. Itís not as boring and tedious like other RTS games I have played over the years. You can achieve quite a lot in just the first hour of gameplay and things get more fun the longer you play it. If you have some free time, this is worth checking out.

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