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Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor Atlas Reactor is a new kind of PvP battle arena that fuses simultaneous turns with tactical team combat. Quick, timed turns challenge players to quickly read a constantly changing battlefield, master and customize their heroes of choice, and coordinate with teammates to take down enemies.

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Atlas Reactor


Atlas Reactor Game Review

Atlas Reactor is a new action style online multiplayer game that takes inspiration from many other titles out there. Its art direction is bright and colourful, although the gameplay is unique compared several other free to play video games. While most online MMORPG games have free flowing combat, Atlas Reactor adopts a turn-based style. It feels like you are playing an old-school JRPG as you have to have to wait for your turn and you only have a limited range of movement. It pays to look out for where you are positioned on the map or else you will get killed.

Unlike several free to play video games, you don’t have to create your own character. There are many pre-set characters for you to choose from and their designs remind me heavily about Overwatch. Much like Overwatch, the graphics in this game are cartoon-inspired and there is a healthy mix of diverse characters that you can play as. There are 19 characters that you can choose from and they come from three different classes. First there’s the ‘Firepower’ class and these characters are good at attacking. Next up you have the ‘Frontline’ class and these guys act like tanks. They are heavy and big characters that have a lot of health and can protect the team. Lastly, there’s the ‘Support’ class and these characters give out health and other aides to teammates.

Before you can play the game Atlas Reactor, you have to go through the tutorial to get up to speed with the gameplay. As aforementioned, this is a turn-based style video game so your actions and movements are limited in each turn. A lot of strategy is involved in order to effectively be successful playing this game. Movement is restricted to a grid-like system as you cannot move around in circles or diagonally. You also cannot move too far ahead in each turn forcing you to be extra careful in knowing where you are in the battlefield. The best place to position yourself is where you can have a clear shot and multiple enemies while your teammates can protect you from incoming fire.

As for your own attacks, Atlas Reactordoes a great job of making each character feel useful and relevant. Each character has their own unique attacks and it’s best to experiment with all of them in order to fine one that suits your playing style. Some attacks can just take out one enemy, while others can wipe out several guys at once. In terms of how matches work, you are in teams of 4 and you just have to fight each other. Some people will notice that the gameplay is similar in style to that of X-Com and it can be fun to work together with other players. There are also traps that you have to be aware of that are lying around some of the maps.

Atlas Reactor is also kind because you can practice for as many times as you want against AI bots. If you don’t think you are good enough to play against online players, you can hone your skills with bots. You can even choose the difficulty in order to meet your own preferences. In terms of presentation, Atlas Reactor has very high production values for a free to play video game. The 2C cel-shaded graphics pop up quite nicely on the screen and the music is catchy to listen to. Not to mention this game features full voice overs and sound effects. It’s also a game you can play for hours as you can try to unlock more skins and other things.

Overall,Atlas Reactor is a very fun multiplayer online RPG game that a lot of people will love. If you love games like DOTA 2, Overwatch and X-Com, you will like it even more. If you come across this game, you should play it ASAP the next time it becomes playable. For more turn-based MMO game list click to play here!

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