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Shooting Girl

Shooting Girl Tokyo has fallen! A Surprise attack by a mysterious race has decimated Japan, leaving the country occupied by a malevolent alien power. Your mission is to train a team of these “Shooting Girls” into an elite force, then lead them in a shadow war to reclaim the lost 23 wards of Tokyo.

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Shooting Girl


Shooting Girl Review

Shooting Girl is an anime game style strategy video game that you can play online. It’s entirely free-to-play via and is playable on a browser. With that being said, does this game offer anything different or is it just like any other strategy game? The thing that separates Shooting Girl from Western developed video games is the presentation and character design. is renowned for its Japanese video games and all of their titles feature pretty anime girls. This game is no different as a lot of attractive young girls are in this game and they form your team.

The premise of the game is simple as it is set in a time where Tokyo has been destroyed by mech-like enemies. The only hope of humans surviving lies with a group of school girls. They aren’t helpless little school girls because they are armed with lots of guns and weapons. Their mission is to take back Tokyo from the enemies. Since this game runs off of a browser, it’s worth mentioning the loading times can be slow depending on your computer and internet connection. My laptop and Wi-Fi connection is fine, but booting up the game for the first time was lengthy compared to other free to play titles I have played recently.

As aforementioned, the presentation of the game is impressive with very high production values. Not only are the characters nice to look at, but it features full voice-overs. The voice-overs are in Japanese, although there are English subtitles for you to read in order to understand what is going on. The music is also great as it has a similar sounding soundtrack to that of the popular Persona series.

Shooting Girl Anime Strategy Gameplay

The game in Shooting Girl does a good job of telling you the story and has a lengthy tutorial for you to go through. It actually makes you care to keep playing the game in order for the girls to succeed in their mission. This is unlike other free to play video games where you are forced to do mundane tasks that don’t have any story or meaning behind them.

At the start of the game, you can choose your leader that suits your own playing style. First there’s So Shiguchi who is armed with her pistols, then next to her is Arina Karasawa who has an AK-47. Lastly there’s Iria Dokuzawa who has a H&K MP7 A1. After that, you can assign your team for battle to try and defeat the enemies overtaking Tokyo at the moment.

Things that We dislike in Shooting Girl

The only disappointing thing about the game itself is the actual gameplay as you head into battle. The pretty illustrations only feature in the game’s menus because when you see them fight, they appear in Chibi Chibi form instead.

Not to mention you don’t actually get a chance to control how the combat is played. Aside from choosing your girls at the start of battle and selecting their equipment, you don’t have a chance to actually choose how they are going to fight. You just have to sit back and watch while the action unfolds. It’s almost like playing a strategy game as opposed to a turn-based style RPG. The other thing worth mentioning is that the battles are kind of uneventful and slow. I do like the fact that you can see the girls in action, but it pales in comparison to the other games I have played online. Battles don’t look epic or engaging enough even though this game has tons and tons of missions for you to play through.

Shooting Girl : Final Verdict

Overall, Shooting Girl is a mixed bag for me. I admire the presentation and the menus, but the actual gameplay is quite disappointing. If this was a proper RPG or an action game, then it would have been a much better experience. It’s only worth playing if you like strategy based games instead of ones that provide you with lots of action.

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