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Flower Knight Girl Online

Flower Knight Girl Online Flower Knight Girl is a Japanese action-adventure game where you lead the venerable Flower Knight Order. Your squads of Flower Knights will travel the world destroying the eight-legged invaders and driving back the forces of destruction. By commanding, equipping, and training the Flower Knight Girls, you will take a fundamental role in defeating this great evil.

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Flower Knight Girl Online


Flower Knight Girl Review

Flower Knight Girl Online is a browser-based free to play strategy video game. You can play it by visiting You donít need to download any of the game data so it should be easy just to sign up and play from the very beginning. Itís just worth mentioning that you may experience some slow loading times since this is browser-based only. The first time you play the game, it might take a long time to start so be aware of that. Once the game loads up though, the loading times improve and arenít so annoying.

Flower Knight Girl as Japanese Anime

Much like the other video games that are available on, Flower Knight Girl Online has excellent presentation that is going to appeal to fans of Japanese anime dating game . Every character in the game is a female and they all look pretty and young. Not only is the artwork very impressive, the game has full voice-overs and excellent background music to go along with it. The audio is in Japanese, but you can read the dialogue in English so you can understand the story and setting.

Flower Knight Girl Online Setting

The setting of the game is pretty unique as you are part of an academy called the Flower Knights. They are pretty much a group of tough girls that are ready to fight off pests. You can recruit more than one member in your party before you set off to battle in the main campaign. The gameplay reminds me of another RPG called Grand Kingdom. Before you battle enemies, you and your party members are on a field which has a pathway to your goal. The pathway can have multiple directions so you can get treasure or battle against other enemies along the way. For the tutorial though, there is only one path for you to take.

As the characters run on the path, they can collect money and other helpful items. The path is usually blocked by casual enemies or even a boss. Once you rush onto an enemyís position, you are then transported to the battle screen so you can start fighting. Much like many other video games, everything is turn-based and automated in Flower Knight Girl Online. This is the only thing I donít like about these games. I love the character design and music, but the core gameplay feels empty when you cannot actually control any of the characters that are in battle.

For example, one of the first cool battles in this game was when four of the girls faced up against a huge Ant boss. The Ant looked really cool, but it was frustrating to see that I just had to sit back and watch the action unfold. Itís not like other turn-based style games where you can choose an action or magic spell to execute.

Itís a type of game that might appeal to only those that like strategy based games. You can prepare for battle and give the girls good armor and weapons. After you do that though, you just have to sit back and watch which I think is a bit boring. However, thereís lot of missions to get through so this game will last you for lots of hours.

Flower Knight Girl Rate

Overall, Flower Knight Girl is pretty but with no substance whatsoever. I love the character design and presentation but thatís about it. The core gameplay is too shallow if you cannot actually control any of the characters. Itís still worth playing though if you like strategy games.

Flower Knight Girl Online Gameplay Video

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