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Kanpani Girls

Kanpani Girls Lead a fantasy mercenary company through a treacherous world of conflict and calamity! In Kanpani Girls youíll command of a group of warrior-women battling for gold, glory, and renown. Success will require you to manage your earnings wisely: only a skilled captain can rise from middling merchant to full-blown Lord of War. Hire freelance adventures to fill your ranks, build workshops to produce magical items, then take your team onto the field to face down dark magicians and hideous monsters of legend.

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Kanpani Girls


Kanpani Girls Review

Kanpani Girls is a free to play RPG video game that you can play inside of an internet browser. It is available to play via All you need to do is register your details, log in and then you can start playing the game right away. Due to the game being playable inside of a browser, the loading times can vary between users and their own respective computers. Just bear that in mind if the game is starting to load very slowly at the beginning.

Kanpani Girls doesnít procrastinate very much because as you start the game, you are already in the tutorial engaging in your first turn-based style battle. Much like all of the games that Nutaku has on its website, this game also features a lot of pretty girls, although the main character is a male that somehow gets stuck into this fantasy world. Many of the other Nutaku games I have played recently all had weak combat systems because all of the battles were simulated. The gamers themselves were not able to control the action at any point in time which made them feel redundant. In this game however, the combat system is a little bit better.

In Kanpani Girls, you usually control a team of three girls that do battle with a lot of different enemies. You can equip them with several different skills and weapons as each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. The main difference in this game is that there is something called the ďCEO SkillĒ located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The CEO Skill is like your get out of jail card because it can be used if you team is dying and itís the last resort you should execute.

Basically, the CEO Skill is a way to help out your team in a major way. The skill in the tutorial shows that you can obliterate the opposing enemy team with just one strike. You cannot spam the CEO Skill all of the time, but it replenishes are you use it. It should only be used if you are in real big danger. Much like other Nutaku games, Kanpani Girls excels in the presentation department. This game reminds me fondly of the old-school style RPGs I used to play on the PSOne and PS2.It has a similar feel with the way you can organise your party members and the soothing background music during the cutscenes.

This game has a lot of dialogue to read through which may not be ideal for most gamers. I found the story interesting because the main character is you as you play the CEO. As aforementioned, the CEO is from the real world and he somehow gets transported to this fantasy world. He joins a band of female mercenaries as most of the enemies in this game are males. You are pretty much like Mad Max in the movie Fury Road.

A thing I like about this game is the variety of characters that you can hire as part of your group. There are up to 8 different class types available and you can position them how you want on the battlefield. Some characters are good at melee attacks while others excel at magic. Outside of the main campaign, thereís not much else to do in Kanpani Girls. The 2D anime game style graphics look nice and the story is charming, but the gameplay is a little on the weak side with not much content elsewhere.

Final Verdict for Kanpani Girls

Overall, Kanpani Girls is a fun little RPG title, but itís not going to set the world on fire by any means. Itís a certainly enjoyable to play and the story and presentation is by far the best features of the entire game. Sadly, itís the combat system that prevents it from being more enjoyable.

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