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Nidia Welcome to Nidia, Discovery the truth and start your adventure now in this brand new MMORPG browser based game !

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Nidia Review

Nidia is a new free to play video game that is available to play on your computerís own browser. It is a MMORPG with 3D graphics, and the gameplay should be easy enough for any gamer to just pick up and play. Before you actually start playing Nidia, you have to choose the main character you want to play as. There are six pre-made characters to choose from that come from three different classes. The class types include an Archer, Mage or Warrior. Each class has a male or female option. Unlike other MMORPGs out there, you are unable to customize the look of your chosen character which may come to be a disappointment to some people. Itís not all that bad though because the visuals of this game donít allow you to see your character up close thanks to the isometric camera viewpoint.

Once you choose a character, the Nidia game starts and you have to go on your first mission. The thing that annoyed me most about Nidia is that the frame rate keeps dropping no matter what you do. This is the main problem with 3D-based video games that you have to play through the browser. They suffer from a lot of performance issues. It would have been better if you were able to download the game data like other 3D titles. The 3D graphics of Nidia look great for a browser-based game, but that does come at a cost that is hard to fully ignore. You may have to tweak the settings in order to make sure that this game performs at its fullest.

When the game actually gets going, you will know that Nidia is one of those other MMORPGs that allow you to play the game automatically. Itís a game where you can just click on the quest button and your character will run to their destination already. Thereís no room for actual exploration, although you do have the option to play manually if you want. Combat is also fully automated if you choose to play that route too. Making the combat automated does make the gameplay feel monotonous and not fulfilling. All you have to really do is press one button and your character start attacking already. Thereís no way to make you feel that you are actually involved or engaged during combat.

I always preferred games that feature combat where you are actually in control of the action. Sadly, Nidia doesnít offer that which is a real shame. You can choose to use different skills and stuff as you unlock them, although itís still just a point and click affair.

The gameplay in Nidia does offer more than just playing by yourself though. In missions, you can choose to play solo or quest with other mates online. The more you play the game, the harder it gets so it encourages you to co-op with other players. You can also have PvP battles with human players too if you want to. Nidia doesnít offer too much else in terms of other production values. The only audio I hear is the background music and thatís it. There are no voice overs or other sound effects for you to hear in this game which is kind of disappointing. For a game that has been released in December 2016, I actually expected more out of Nidia. Instead, the game is a clone of other MMORPGs and doesnít offer much else in order to separate itself with the pack. Not to mention I had performance issues while playing the game. Itís only worth playing if you are bored in the weekend one day with nothing else much to do.

Nidia Gameplay Video

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