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Pocket Starships

Pocket Starships Pocket Starships is an addictive mixture of fast-paced space combat and massive multiplayer MMO game with an easy to use crafting system. Build stronger ships, advanced equipment and form an alliance with your friends. But your duty isnt over until your Faction dominates the whole Galaxy! Join the game and fight side by side with your friends and crush your enemies! Co-op & PVP Create or join a fight group with friends to fight pirates, mine resources, complete quests or battle against PVP fight groups from the opposing faction. Fight For Domination Fight alongside friends and allies to obtain and maintain dominance throughout the galaxy! Unique and complex crafting system allows you to build and upgrade almost anything. Produce and upgrade your own space ships, weapons, ammunition and much much more! Interact with unique NPCs and explore the unknown universe. Complete NPC quests to advance your rank and reap the spoils of battle while leaving your mark on the galaxy. Our cross-platform technology allows you to play with your friends in a PC web browser as well as on most android and IOS devices. Join your friends in galactic battles wherever you go and with whatever device you prefer. Play anywhere WIFI, Edge, 3G, or 4G networks are available. Fight For Domination Fight alongside friends and allies to obtain and maintain dominance throughout the galaxy!

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Pocket Starships

Pocket Starships

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Pocket Starships Review

Pocket Starships is a free to play 2D style video game where you pilot a spaceship. Itís a unique video game since there arenít many 2D style video games like this. In most other times, you are a human character just bashing enemies in a fantasy-style environment. The best part about the game is the many ways that you can play it. The game is playable via your own internet browser or the game can be downloaded both on iOS and Android. You donít need to have expensive hardware to play the game either thanks to the simplistic 2D style of it.

Pocket Starships is more than just a simple 2D-style shooter like we saw in the Ď80s and Ď90s. This is a fully fledged space MMO that is full of great action and adventure. The game allows you to explore the deep far reaches of space in a 2D environment. You can even warp to other areas to make exploring/travelling easier and faster than in real life. The game starts in an immediate fashion as you control your spaceship rather quickly. The controls are pretty simple if you are playing the game with a keyboard and mouse setup. I played the game on my computer and the control scheme is quite comfortable and responsive.

Anyway, you control your ship using either the WASD or directional keys. Due to the 2D nature of the video game, you can only move the ship around up, down or left to right. The environment is also enclosed in a square, although you are free to move from different locations using a stargate-like device. The space combat in Pocket Starships is quite enjoyable as itís fast-paced and done in real time. You shoot and aim using the mouse and you can destroy pirate spaceships using your lasers. Your lasers have a specific range though at the start of the game so you have to be in close proximity in order to destroy them successfully.

To help you destroy enemy spaceships in a faster fashion, you have a nuclear bomb that you can use that explodes in a big radius. You donít have infinite access to these bombs so you have to make sure to only use them when itís totally necessary. That being said that, bombs are the best and most effective way to destroy enemies in this game. To make things even more interesting, the game also has PvP combat to give you an even bigger challenge than just facing up against the A.I. I have to admit itís harder to play against real-life human players, but itís still an exhilarating experience nonetheless.

The game has lot of quests and customization options the more you play it though. I found myself playing this game for several hours as itís addictive and easy to play. Not to mention itís unique and just downright fun to play. Graphically, the game looks decent as the space environments and special effects are animated really well. The sound effects are also very credible with an epic score and audio that is on par with anything that Star Wars puts out these days. Playing this game truly makes you feel like you are up in space. All in all, Pocket Starships is a really fun sci-fi space style MMO game that has great gameplay and impressive 2D visuals. If you live anything related to science fiction, youíll love this game instantly. The game is free and playable on lots of platforms so do yourself a favour and try this game out whenever you can.

Pocket Starships Gameplay Video

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