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Twin Saga

Twin Saga Prepare for the dawn of a new adventure! It's been 15 years since the conclusion of a devastating war between two preternatural sisters. Now mankind is on the brink of annihilation, and you are the last hope for the future! Customize your skills and switch between classes anywhere outside of combat! Take your home with you! Make it the ultimate adventurer's pad with a greenhouse, an alchemy lab, a cooking station, and more! Engage in fast-paced combat featuring combo abilities and ultimate moves in both PvE and PvP! Don't miss the next great anime adventure from the makers of Aura Kingdom!

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Twin Saga

Twin Saga Game


Twin Saga Review

Twin Saga is a free to play anime MMORPG that you can play on the PC. The game requires you to have at least 5GB of hard drive space in order for you to download it. The game can be downloaded on its official website and the system requirements are not too heavy. Most people should be able to play this game easily without too much hassle. Before you start playing the game, Twin Saga allows you to change the look of the main character that you want to be. The game has a cute anime style look to it, so your character will look like a child more than anything else. Donít let the art style fool you as this is still an engaging game for people of all ages.

In terms of your character, you are free to customize their appearance such as their skin color, hair, eyes and class types. The class types include Swordmaster, Mage, Gunslinger and a DragonKnight. Each class has different weapons and skills at your disposal. You can choose to change class types and more classes will become available when you unlock them. There are no gender locked classes either so you can be who you want to be. After you create your character, you can start playing the game. Twin Saga blows away the competition when it comes to visual presentation. The game opens up with a great cutscene where you can awe at the nice and bright graphics. Itís one of the prettiest looking free to play video games I have played in many months.

The visual style is further emphasized with the gameís environments. The 3D graphics are impressive to look at as each location is bright and colourful and filled with a lot of vegetation. You truly feel immersed inside of this faraway fantasy world. The 3D world is also fully explorable and you arenít restricted in any way in terms of how far you can go. To further immerse you into the game, Twin Saga has actual cinematic style cutscenes for you to watch. Even in the opening five minutes of the game, there are many cutscenes that play out during action sequences and talking scenes. This allows you to be fully invested in the story and characters featured in this game. Itís better than most free to play video games where there is no story and most of the time you are just reading a bunch of nonsensical text from mission quests.

The visuals prettiness of the game doesnít stop there either. Even the HUD looks clean and clinical compared to other free to play video games Iíve played in the past. The HUD has nice big buttons for you to see and it doesnít overwhelm the player will too many annoying pop-up windows. The game is then topped off with some really great music. The music reminds me a lot of the ones featured in many JRPGs. Itís relaxing to listen to and you will never get bored listening to the music featured in this game. Gameplay wise, Twin Saga has great combat that a lot of other free to play MMORPGs fail to adopt. In this game, you actually have control over the character and their actions while they are in combat. Sure the combat turns into a hack-and-slash affair, but itís great that you are able to control the type of attacks that you can do.

I feel more free to play video games need to change up their combat like Twin Saga has. It can get boring if you click one button and donít get a chance to do anything for yourself. Combat is the meat of the gameplay and this game thankfully gets it right. Another thing worth mentioning about this game is that I didnít experience any technical issues during my playthrough. I didnít see the framerate drop and nor did the game ever crash when I played this for several hours. Not to mention the game didnít have overbearingly long loading times which is a good thing.

Twin Saga Final Verdict

Overall, Twin Saga is one of the best 3D MMORPGs games I have played in the past year. The graphics are charming and the gameplay combat is engaging and fun to play. The cute anime style of the game might not be for everyone, but this is just a small flaw in what is a truly entertaining MMORPG.

Twin Saga Gameplay Video

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