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Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim

Dynasty Lovers Dating Simulation: Help our heroine Bikyee conquer the Evil Dragon Prince in this amazing fantasy Sim Game, Dynasty Lover. The evil dragon prince has made a liking to Bikyee but when decide not to be enslave, you will be given 100 days to train and fight against him. Our heroine at first doesn’t stand a chance against our evil prince, but with training and perseverance, our heroine might have a chance. Start your day by looking around the Lotus Field Village, you will find some interesting places to visit, such as the shopping mall, training house, forest and the residences of your prospect lovers. Visit every one of them and try to learn more about them. If you find someone you like then give time to talk to them, they will share to you their stories and how they slowly fall in love with you. Aside from building romance with the characters, you will also have to build your fighting abilities before you can do this you should buy a buster sword. Buying the sword will take some time and effort, you have to earn some money in order to obtain the sword. The one and only way to do this is to work as a dish washer or a cook in the restaurant. If you have good hand and eye coordination then cooking is the fastest and easiest way to earn cash. Once you had enough money, purchase the sword and start training. Once you think you have enough strength you can try out your fighting abilities in the forest. Different kinds of monster dwell in the forest and they will not hesitate to take you down. As long as you have enough strength, fighting is fairly easy since it is turn based combat. You and the monster will take turns in hitting each other, the higher your strength the higher damage you can inflict, once the monster is defeated you will be awarded with some money and loots. These loots are very important because they are the components for the great armor, which is the key in defeating the evil dragon prince. Once you collect the components you will automatically obtain the armor. Dating characters is quite tricky because you only have 50hp per day, which is only enough to trigger a date, so without other hp, you can just stare at them. The secret behind the date is to reserve your hp by sleeping 2 days straight, that way, you will have 100 hp to spend on your date day, now you can finally eat and kiss with your lover. Yay! You will probably have a lot of extra days and sticking to one lover is quite boring. Other characters are just waiting for you to visit and have a nice chat with them. In the end you all of them as your lovers will be very helpful in defeating the evil prince. As your lovers they can fight with you in the final battle, provided that you gift them their corresponding weapons. Once everybody is equipped you can just sleep the rest of the day or earn more money for potions. The final battle will be pretty easy if you have the mysterious armor and all of your lovers with you. After defeating the evil dragon prince, you will be given a chance to choose only one person to spend the rest of your life with. Enjoy the ending scene! The graphics and the sound might not that be interesting, but the story and the conversation behind the game will leave you playing until the end! Indeed, a great sim game from nummyz.

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Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim

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