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Dark Races

Dark Races is an action-rpg game. Your mission is to annihilate the dark army which is destroying your kingdom. You are the only one who can do it! In this game you'll level up and you'll find items to use as an rpg but it has the intensity of an action game. Enjoy it! Mouse: It is used mainly for aiming and attack. You can also select the skills clicking on icons or using the wheel. Keys: 1 - Sword 2 - Fire arrow 3 - Fire Ball 4 - Fire aura 5 - Burning edge 6 - Lightning 7 - Bombing 8 - Implosion 9 - Life potion 0 - Mana potion I - Inventory (or pause) P - Inventory (or pause) Other tips: - To cast a magic attack you must press the left mouse button and when energy (white light around mana) is full you can release it. If you release the mouse before energy is totally full your mana will be wasted. - To use melee attacks monster must be on your front. - You can dodge arrows moving the mouse. - You can win items in special levels (and from any boss) to use them. - Don't forget upping your stats and skills after leveling up and checking the objects after special levels. - Game has 4 modes so if the mode you are playing is easy for you try harder one. - Use the tutorial if it is first time you play, dont skip it. Tutorial starts each time you begin a new game. - Ligthning must be cast with the mouse cursor over the monster when you release it.

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Dark Races

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12 June 2010InVaDeR
Oldy  Oldy  :oldy VS javascript:addsmilie('%20Vader%20')
21 September 2009Darth Vader the Warrior
Kind of scary hmmmmmmmmmm. Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
19 September 2009sir asa
i dont like it
25 August 2009extremegiant
See the date. Happy
23 August 2009extremegiant
hmmmm... Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
18 February 2009lexlexx1
good game
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