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Orchestrated Death

You are a Death himself. There is no connection between your victims, just ruthless - and entertaining - murder .Notes: with a mouse interact with objects on screen to cause death of a victim.

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Orchestrated Death

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28 October 2013Kyo-Kyo77
YOUR IT!!!!(Dint send back)
It's pretty funny you opened this because..... . . . . . Over the next 4 days you will:
1.have someone fall in love with you
2. Find A 20$ on the ground
3. Go out with the person you like
4. Your best friend will get you a very nice gift
BUT first you have to fwd this! *Send to 10 ppl in the next 143 minutes if you break the chain you'll have problems with
- relationship s
- your job/school/f a m i l y for 5 years!!
Go back and tag someone else! NO TAG BAG
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