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Anika's Odyssey -
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Anika's Odyssey

Anika's Odyssey manages to tell a simple but engaging tale with nothing more than images and sound. The visuals are absolutely beautiful, complete with layered backgrounds that give the illusion of depth.

Rating: 4.25 [Rate]
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Anika's Odyssey

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26 April 2011rpg_addict
ROFL HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! wow this game is so lame! cute though.
28 August 2010janetchua123
IT ****S!!!
13 June 2010Liart
Very Short game, maybe for children, Happy
4 October 2009jonaldson
I played this game fore 5 minutes, and my weenus shrank as a result
20 September 2009shinto3
game stink...... Nervous  Nervous  Group hug
15 September 2009jordaztehmighty
15 September 2009jordaztehmighty
:gun toot smiley: Scullhead this game stinks dude
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