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Phage Wars

Phage Wars- Your only objective in this fast pace, strategy game is to spread your parasites and overtake all other parasites and become the "Dominant Species". Learn to master each parasite effectively and infect all forms of cellular life. Note: mouse for clicking or dragging to send parasites. Press the space to pause the game.

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Phage Wars

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6 December 2009sir asa
i am with black the power my preciousssss. Winesmiley
7 November 2009pupatron3000
Not loading, or is the loading screen green casue this com imma on see's green as blak.
8 September 2009extremegiant
27 July 2009c-gamer
black is sweet Gun toot smiley  Cool
27 July 2009c-gamer
realy fun, only way to win is to make a gaint one and let it convert others while the rest just feed it. 8 of 10  Clap hands  CanCan  Clap hands
11 April 2009Frito
Fun game. Not that hard... I had troubles winnig with any color other than red. I walked threw it with red no problem at all.
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