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Fantasy Kommander

In a Fantasy Kommander game you could try yourself as a fearless General of the Humans, Orcs , Elves, Dwarves! Who will dominate over the ancient continent of the Seven Pillars? Create your fearless army and let the battle. Notes: 17 different Armies to buy upgrade and unleash in Battle! Each Army has over 20 characteristics (to manage and increase during the war plan phase). 24 Special Abilities to increase the power of your Army. 18 available spells playing the Elf General. Over 20 different Enemy Armies. High Replay ability in Campaign Mode: Different Generals (every one with unique abilities or spells). 3 Difficulty Level, playable only at the end of every Campaign (you can play the hard campaign only if you finish the normal one before). 4 Different Endings in the Campaign Mode and 66 Different Battles to play! 10 Historic Battles in War Academy mode.

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Fantasy Kommander

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