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Endless War 4

Endless War has returned. 12 new missions in 3 campaigns about past and future battles. Each mission is a set of 3 maps. Some new guns like blade launcher and laser have been added too. Note: Use W, A, S, D to move around. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Press R key to reload, use Spacebar for alternate attack. Hit G key to drop gun, F key to throw grenade. You can avoid enemy fire by pressing Shift. Use E key to switch allies and Q key to command an ally to move to pointer position. Good luck!

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Endless War 4

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16 February 2010Phantom112
Einstein  Happy  Sad  Wink  Cool
25 November 2009123mike4
Yabbahut  Vader
that's a spam! stop spaming!
this game rock's.
that's not a spam
24 September 2009commentman
Yabbahut  Vader  Gun toot smiley
24 September 2009commentman
and future wars is on endless war 4
24 September 2009commentman
people keep killin me  James Bond  James Bond  James Bond heres a tip on future wars keep getting rocket launchers just in case u people get stuck shoot a barracade when u are in front of it good luck
20 September 2009dark*deagle
OMG -.-
16 September 2009MarineDalek
first comment AWESOME!
good game
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