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Artillery Tower

Your mission in this shooting game is to help a lone soldier on an old defense tower, use reinforcements and weapons to hold off for as long as you can. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Use 1-7 number keys to switch guns. Press the spacebar to reload your weapon. Use Z key to call an air strike. Good luck!

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Artillery Tower

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26 February 2014Anonimo
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1.have someone fall in love with you
2. Find A 20$ on the ground
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6 March 2011Prototype
Great Game
18 April 2010King Maalas
i love the shotgun and sniper rifle

havent gotten 6 and 7 yet though
24 January 2010zoraker
if it gets to 50 and im only up to 26 and its not getting harder then wats the point of playing ill give this a 8/10 and yeh how many levels and when do swarms of enemys start attacking
31 December 2009Phoenix Lord
fun for a wile 8/10 great job  Clap hands  Winesmiley  CanCan  Choir  Fun  Group hug  Gun toot smiley  Happy
i got up to level 50 and it still goes on lol
17 October 2009lostdude
this game is so eazy it gets borring cuz as soon as you get the last gun it just you just smash them by the way hw meny lvls in the game got to 24 and yea it still goes
10 October 2009johnmaster
i feel so used  Yabbahut  Winesmiley
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