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Lethal War Zone

Lethal War Zone RPG strategy game with researching for new technologies, buildind bases, controling the resources and making an army to destroy your enemy. Note: MOUSE FUNCTIONS: - Select units. - Move units. - Attack. - Select a mouse action (produce, sell, repair, cancel). - Produce units. - Place buildings. KEYS: Space - Desselect units and restore standard mouse action. P - Pause. R - Repair. DEL - Sell. C - Center to base. Arrows or AWSD - Move Map. Shift - Center to selected unit. Shift+1 - Assign selection to team 1. Shift+2 - Assign selection to team 2. Shift+9 - Assign selection to team 9. Shift+0 - Assign selection to team 0. 1 - Select team 1. 2 - Select team 2. 9 - Select team 9. 0 - Select team 0.

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Lethal War Zone

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