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Babestation This game is very easy no requirements needed and it is just a typical dating game. In playing this game you can directly go in different places and explore the game design and feature. The Babestation is the type of game that you need to impress hot babes in order to have the chance in dating them. And within 100 days do your best to get into the hip hop game-station without kicking out by the bouncer in order to do that you need to get the three gorgeous babes and hang out with them. The three babes are so gorgeous and hot in fact they have different style in terms of their dress and hair style. Just like the dress they wear, one of them wears sportswear, rock star and gamer outfit. And also their hairstyle are so different which depends on their character. In order to impress them you need to increase your charm, athleticism and intelligence.Aside from that you need to match your outfit with their taste. You can buy different outfits in the mall but unfortunately your money is limited so before the 100 days end you need to work and earn more money. In earning money you can choose different jobs and before you can choose another job it requires you to rest and sleep because it can help to increase AP that are needed by every job. The overall graphicfeature of the characters is really cool and the characters are well sketched, also the features are so good. The games offer map and hint in each places or buildings which will help you in reaching your goals. The game is well made but there are some aspects of the game that still needs to be improving, like the background music, scenes, effects and the interaction. As you can see, 100 days is quite too long plus, the daily routine are almost the same like work, sleep and explore places. This game needs patience, just like in courting patience is a must until the babes say yes. The babes require gifts and nice courtship before you can date them just like in real life. The game is based on real life dating situation which is makes it fun and interesting for the gamers. If you look at it totally the game is good and offer courtship style. It is good for guys who want to know how to court hot babes and date them. And maybe in the future you will be thankful to this game that makes you successful in courting your ultimate crush. In playing this game make sureto choose and buy items that are useful so you will not waste your 100 days for nothing. The ending depends on how well you performed in the game. You can experiment and try every possible ending. Play babestation game and within 100 days do your best to get into the hip hop game-station party.Increase your charm, strength, and smarts and get three gorgeous babes to hang out with you before the bouncers let you into the party. Get a job, designer clothes and lots of money before you approach the pretty girls and win ther sympathy.

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