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Doyu Card Battle

Doyu Card Battle is a adventure rpg game with cards based on the very popular game Maganic Wars and consist of a turn-based battle between two players on which you use cards to fight.You have a capability to evolve, to get new cards and explore new worlds and compete against other players in rpg multiplayer game mode. Note: Each new game represent a new battle with a set of cards. On each turn. one player throws one card,, that has a different effect, such damage, defense, immunity. The objective is to remove all the health points of your opponent.

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Doyu Card Battle

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29 June 2013johnny bravo
AD Superhero James Bond Vader Fun Yabbahut Oldy Go yess Go yess Go yess Go yess
29 June 2013johnny bravo
:AD: Superhero :jamesbond: Vader Fun :yabbahut: Oldy :goyes: :goyes:
1 January 2012Nadirav3
The screen controler of my pc fails everytime I play this game. Is it a virus?
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