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Conquer Online Game

Conquer Online-Conquer Online is a free MMORPG game with a persistent world devoted to ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic. The anime-style graphics are among the best when compared to other cartoony MMORPGs including Ragnarok Online and The Realm Online.

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Conquer Online Game

 Conquer Online Game

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Conquer Online : Enjoying a Fun and Fast PvP Focused MMORPG Game

Ancient China has been frequently used a lot as themes for games in recent time as it does offer interesting story that often combine historical tale with fantasy. That kind of setup is what being offered by TQ Digital with one of its' popular outing, Conquer Online, which is a 2D based MMORPG that put more emphasize in PvP instead of regular PvE system. Having more focus in a PvP content doesn't mean that this title completely omitting the basic story setup which is common on any RPG, but it simply provide more players interaction while playing it.

Starting out, gamer are being normally asked to pick what kind of characters that they are interested in playing as, choosing one out of six to seven available classes. Unfortunately, there isn't much customization setup being provided, though gamer can change the hero's size along with gender, but players simply won't be able to create something too specific with early on. However, there are opportunity in optimizing garments, weapons along with hair styles, which might just be pleasing enough for game lovers. Moreover, the class options given, such as: Ninja, Archers, Assasin, Pirate, Trojan, Warrior, Taoist and Monk offer an exciting gaming experience as each are given unique battle skills.

Conquer Online Gameplay and Controls

The game control of this outing is nothing different from any other MMORPG as it also maximizes the usage of mouse plus keys, including during battles. The game's battle system is quite interesting as it's being set in such fast pace and also very smooth, not to mention having lovely animated scenes for each skills, creating such exciting gaming moment. Aside from that, there's also an interesting feature called rebirth system, which allows gamer to be reborn again after reaching level 120. Although returning back into level 1, players will have more access to better skills along with attributes, basically making their character much stronger than before. The fact that this outing also have a quite fast experience gaining setup, game lover won't feel bored and frustrated with grinding up for new levels as everything is being crafted in a fine manner.

As it slightly explained above, Conquer Online is a 2D based game, so gamer might not be fully entertained with the basic visual of this outing, but can still be entertaining enough for RPG maniac. Despite not having the most quality graphical display, this outing do create a quite lovely animation during battle, so players can somewhat enjoy their gaming experience. The aspect that might not to receive further upgrade is it's interface which can be considered rather out of date compared to the fast development of MMORGP games this days. New gamer could find themselves rather annoyed with the poorly designed gaming interface as it's not something that they normally encounter in many newer online game titles.

Having a strong focus on PvP, this game definitely put on such excellent effort on it as they crafted several features that entertain gamer who are keen with that setup. Gamer can activate their in-game PvP system, so players can directly compete with one another during normal PvE mode, which means that they can basically kill each others while finishing their quest. However, there will be certain punishment for those who love to go wild against other players as the developer created what being called as PK points, to note the amount of killing one did. After reaching 30 points, players who have more tendencies in destroying fellow gamer have 30% shot at losing one of their equipments should they die?

Not only competing against another, the online interaction for Conquer Online also gives many opportunities for players to cooperate with one another by forming a guild. Collaborating with other can give gamer chance in experiencing guild war and grabbing huge amount of CP points each time they defeated other guilds. There are simply many PvP features being provided in this outing, giving such pleasure for gamer lover who are enjoying battles against one another while playing online games.

Few new features in Conquer Online

Another fun features that gamer can discover while playing it is that gamer can received help from other players, who are already at high level. Both sets of players will be earning positive things from that collaboration, where the lower rank can learn many stuff, while the higher rank gamer are set to receive virtue points (VP), which can be used to exchange interesting items with NPC during the game. That setup might not be something new as some other game titles have already put out that assist more, but it's still an example of another exciting feature Conquer Online provide for game lover.

Stepping aside it's not so comfortable interface along with lack of customizable setup for creating a unique hero, Conquer Online is actually an interesting MMORPG to play. Gamer lover can experience many fun features, especially for those keen on taking down others via PvP. The fine skill animation, fast and fluid battle system, along with that unique rebirth setup are just some of the exciting features one can truly enjoy when playing this outing. Being set as a free-to-play outing, this title is definitely something worth trying out for those who truly love online RPG titles.

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