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Allods Online

Allods Online Allods Online Review Allods Online is a 3D fantasy based MMORPG video game that is playable on the PC. It is free to play so people on a budget should be able to play this game. The PC requirements to play the game are pretty low so you don’t need to own a very powerful computer to play it. All you need is a stable internet connection and around 2.5GB on left on your hard drive so you can install the game. The first thing you will do in this game is choose a specific faction you want to be a part of. Each faction has three different race types for you to choose from. The two factions that you can choose from include “The League” and “The Empire”. If you choose “The League” you can choose to be an Elf, Gibberling or Kanian. On the Empire, you can be an Orc, Arisen or Xadaganian. The options to customize the look of your character are there as there are many things you can do to your character to make them stand out. This includes giving them a different skin color, height, face type and a whole lot more. You can choose to be either a male of female character in this game plus the character models look very unique as not every race in the game looks human. I chose to the “Gibberlings” because they look like a bunch of gerbils. Different race types also give you access to various classes too. In all there are nine different classes and they include the Warrior, Paladin, Scout, Healer, Warden, Mage, Summoner, Psionicist and a Bard. No matter what class you choose to be, you can pretty much equip them with skills and weapons that will allow them to kill enemies with ease. Overall, I thought the create options in Allods Online were very generous compared to other MMORPG video games I played in the past. Once you have created your creator, you are then ready to enter Allods Online and go through the necessary tutorial that will enable you to get an understanding on the game’s controls, structure and mechanics. The tutorial plays more like an introduction because they’re pretty much just a series of prompts for you to follow. If there’s one thing I immediately disliked about Allods Online are the awkward controls that are used to move your character around. This game doesn’t use the standard “WASD” keys or even an easy click of the mouse button to move your character around. It instead uses a weird method that you have to rotate the camera first and then you character can start moving forward and backward in that direction. I ended up walking in front of a wall multiple times because the “A” and “D “ keys only controlled my characters to strafe from left to right only. You need to press the “Q” and “E” keys to rotate the camera and this can be hard to get used to. Even using the mouse to rotate the camera gets frustrating too… In terms of combat, Allods Online plays a lot like any other MMORPG video game would as well. All you have to do is click on the right mouse button and your character will start hacking like crazy. This type of combat system works well in most other games of this genre, but somehow it feels slightly clunky here in Allods Online. My main problem draws back to the frustrating camera system which makes it hard to aim for a specific enemy. Being said that, once you do aim for an enemy, it’s pretty easy to take them out. Still, you have to manually target a new enemy each time which can get very annoying. One thing that Allods Online does correctly is the variety of different quests that are on offer. The game diversifies by allowing you to do more quests that are not just simple “killing” tasks that are usually abundant in most other MMORPG video games. This made the game a lot more exciting to play and quests didn’t become too repetitive or boring to play. The most unique feature of Allods Online is when you reach level 37. After you reach this level, you’ll be able to create your own “Astral Ship”. An Astral ship is a huge airship that can travel long distances. The airship was a feature that was popular in the older Final Fantasy games. It’s nice to see a feature like this be included in a game like Allods Online. There are lots of other standard MMORPG features included in this game such as PvP battles and the use of mounts as well. Not to mention you’ll be able to give your character more skills, weapons and armor as you further progress. All of these features make Allods Online a complete MMORPG experience. Visually, Allods Online is bright and colorful and has a similar look and feel to World of Warcraft. The graphics are nice, but may look a bit outdated to some gamers who have more powerful computers. The majority of the time the game ran smoothly, although it did lag a few times when I was playing it. Nevertheless, the great music and occasional voice acting made the presentation of the game more credible. Allods Online is a fun MMORPG game to play as all of the fundamental elements are here to make a great game. It isn’t the most original game out there, but there’s more than enough content on offer to keep a lot of gamers occupied for hours on end. The only things that are stopping me from recommending this game are the frustrating controls and awkward camera. If you are able to bypass these flaws, you will find this game more enjoyable than what I experienced during my play-through.

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Allods Online

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