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DOFUS MMORPG Enjoying a Fun Humorous Strategic RPG with Dofus Implementing fun comedy atmosphere in a game can often brought popularity for that outing, such as what happens with Ankama Games' well known title, Dofus. This colorful 2D MMORPG has been widely known as on of the title that attract many attention from online gaming lovers as it provides plenty exciting adventure for those keen with this genre.

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Dofus Game Review

Dofus is a strategy based MMORPG that you can play online. The free online rpg game is free to play and you can play it using most web browsers. All you need to have is a flash player in order for it to work. Other than that, you donít need a hefty PC in order to play it. At the start of the game, there are three different difficulty modes that you can choose from. The default option is the recommended level of play as death is not permanent. The Epic mode means death is permanent while the Heroic mode is similar too, although you get more experience points. Focus has one of the most generous class types offered in any game I have ever seen. There are 17 different class types in Dofus which is a big number. Although you cannot change the appearance of your character in this game, you can choose to be either a male or female character. The character design is quite diverse as there are a mix of human, furry and other unworldly people you can be.

Dofus Game Review Storyline

Unlike other free to play video games, Dofus has somewhat of a story that is explained during the opening cutscene. In this game, the world is ruled by 12 gods and there is a power held by six dragon eggs. However, these dragon eggs have been stolen which causes monsters to be unleashed. This is where the player comes in to save the world from going under darkness. Graphically, Dofus is great as the 2D anime style graphics really shine. It truly feels like you are playing a cartoon and the character models look great overall. The only downside to the visuals is that the character models look small thanks to the camera viewpoint that is used in this game. Dofus uses the isometric camera that is famously used in the Diablo game series.

The production values are quite good for a free to play title. Even though the game lacks voice acting, there is a decent soundtrack playing in the background and decent sound effects that can be heard throughout the gameplay. One thing that players might have to get used to are the controls during combat. The game uses a mix of turn-based and strategy style of combat. This is a change from the hacking style of combat that is often used in other free to play rpg games no download

Dofus Game Combat

Combat is quite rigid and stiff because it plays like a grid system. You have to move your character several steps on a grid like a chessboard before you are able to attack enemies. Not to mention you have to position your character in the right direction before you attack them as well. Itís a system that works, but might be hard for beginners to grasp. In terms of content, Dofus is generous in terms of the amount of gameplay that it offers. There are numerous pretty looking worlds for you to visit and loads of quests for you to undertake. It can be fun to level up to see the several upgrades that you can attain and more.

Dofus: Final Verdict

Overall, Dofus is a very fun MMORPG to play as it has decent graphics and unique gameplay that separates it from other games from the genre. It might not be a game that is suitable for beginners, but the combat can be fun if you have the patience to learn about it.

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