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Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 Supremacy 1914 Review Supremacy 1914 is a free to play browser based strategy game set during the same time period of World War One. Players take control of one country from Europe with the ultimate aim of conquering and taking over the rest of the continent. Players can do this either on their own or team up with a neighboring nation to take over Europe together.

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Supremacy 1914

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Supremacy 1914 Game Review continues

Booting up the Supremacy 1914 game for the first time was kind of slow from my own personal experience. Even though the game is browser based, the game actually opens on a separate window and it took a while for the game to be fully loaded up. After the game finally loads, it isnt too bad - this is just a warning for those that may think the game is broken before it even starts.

Im not sure what it is like for every player, but I was not given any choices to what nation I was to represent. The tutorial immediately started and I was assigned to control Spain. This isnt a bad thing, although it would have been nice to choose which nation you wanted to play as like in most other free to play video games.

Speaking of the tutorial, its okay but not nearly as helpful as it should be. The interface in this game is kind of clunky and the green arrow pointing for where you need to click on is positioned at the wrong place at times. Sometimes you will have to manually close off unwanted windows first before you can see where you need to click on.

On the surface, Supremacy 1914 sounds like your average RTS video game but its not. Most RTS games play very similarly where you start off collecting resources and then concentrate your efforts on constructing a city before deploying your army to fight your enemies. You dont control one city in this game as you have an entire country to control that is split up into many different provinces. You will have to keep an eye out on all of your provinces to make sure theyre not being attacked and that their morale is up too.

Morale is important to keep up if you want your province to stay afloat. You even have to pour money into a province you just conquered to keep it morale up so you can use that overtaken province yourself for your own country to use. Morale affects a lot of things in Supremacy 1914 and this includes such things as the strength of your troops and the speed of resources that are collected. The lower the morale, the weaker you will be.

Graphically, the visuals in Supremacy 1914 are as basic as they come. The majority of the game you will be looking at a simple multicolored map of Europe assigning where you want your troops to go to and neighboring countries provinces you want to be friends with or declare war on. Movement of your troops is just represented by a stick with a line showing where they are going. You dont get a chance to see any action unfold in this game which may be disappointing for some gamers.

Still, one of the more unique aspects of Supremacy 1914 is that everything happens all in real time. When you send your troops to walk across to fight against another country, they will have to walk there and it usually takes 12 - 15 hours to get there. This may be too slow paced for some gamers, although I admire the realism that has been put into Supremacy 1914. Its a game that you should track your progress daily and I can imagine gamers can enjoy this game for days if not months on end.

There is a chat system implemented here, although when I played, the gamers were rude and not very helpful to one another. This isnt necessarily a problem with the game itself, just make be warned that there are some people out there that like to ruin gaming experience for everyone when they are online.

Supremacy 1914 Final Verdict

Supremacy 1914 is a unique MMORTS game that is unlike the many other RTS games people have seen released online. The way the game is set up may not appeal to gamers looking for any fast paced action, although strategy game buffs will love the slow paced style of controlling your troops and conquering other countries. All in all, Supremacy 1914 is a fun game that has the potential to be played for many months if youre into its style of gameplay. The graphics may look severely outdated, but this doesnt matter when the gameplay is dangerously addictive.

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