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Days of The Dead

Days of the Dead is a simple browser-based game in which you attempt to protect your villageís walls from the living dead for thirteen days. The living dead attack your wall in waves, each wave the equivalent of a day. You use the standard W, A, S, and D keys to move your man along the wall and use the left mouse button to shoot your arrows. As you progress you will be able to learn spells and use them with the 1, 2, 3 and 4 number keys. You receive experience and gold as you fend off each attack, gaining more of each with a headshot which gives you a critical hit on the target. With the gold you earn you are able to buy better bows and arrows, as well as upgrade your wall or repair it. As you gain experience and begin levelling up you earn skill points and magic points. Skill points can be spent on upgrading base damage and your critical hit damage. Magic points are can be used to learn the freeze, arrow spray, venom and meteor spells. The furthest Iíve managed is wave seven and Iíve come to love the arrow spray spell as it immediately kills every skeleton on the screen. The skeletons themselves begin moving towards your wall slowly in the first couple of waves and then by the third move a little faster. At first they are rather easy to kill, taking only two arrows at most to kill them, even with no upgrades. However, as the game goes on they begin to arm themselves with shields and take a few more arrows to kill them unless you manage successive headshots. There are as well, skeletons that have bow and arrows of their own and are able to attack your wall from range, these are not only inconvenient, but also take a number of arrows to kill despite them having no shield. If you get further than me you will come across beasts as well as the ever increasing number of skeletons. You will want to upgrade your base damage and critical damage to deal with these, but try and save your wall as much as possible in those early waves as you will also want to buy better bows as well as arrows as you progress. A word of warning, one which I could have done with, when using your spells you may want to begin by using your freeze spell on the beasts and then using the spray arrows spell after it, because once they get to your wall the spray arrows spell wonít hit them. The game itself is simple, keeps the controls basic and manages to keep the RPG style as well. It works so well because itís so simple. If youíve played addictive flash games, and you know which ones I mean, those ones that you can just click away on for hours, then youíll love Days of the Dead, and you may make it past my appalling effort of seven days. Survive for more then 13 day the big combined invasion of armored zombies, skeletons and other undead creatures.

Rating: 3.50 [Rate]
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Days of The Dead

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20 September 2010silikiti
i got to day 5
19 September 2010silikiti
i love this game
30 August 2010dbump
15 August 2010lukebella
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