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Metin 2

Metin 2 Metin 2 is a 3D MMORPG game that was originally released in China back in 2004. Since then, it has been released in many other countries in the world and is now free-to-play and download online. Being that it’s developed Korean company, Ymir Entertainment, Metin 2 has an obvious Asian-style theme throughout the game. The character designs and heavily inspired by traditional Asian culture. Once you’ve created an account and downloaded the game, you are ready to immerse yourself in the world of Metin 2. If you’re worried about Metin 2 having a huge download size, fear not as it only takes 600MB off of your computer hard drive. This is good to know considering some free-to-play MMORPG games take around 2GB or more to download. When you have got all that sorted, you are ready to play Metin 2. There are three locations for you to choose from and from there, you can get to choose the appearance and playing style of your on-screen avatar. Four different classes of fighting styles are available for you to choose from and all of them have different looking character models. If you choose to be a “Warrior”, this is the big masculine person who is an expert in swords. The “Ninja” is smaller in stature and is an expert in stealth and speed. The other two class type as the “Shaman” and “Sura”. Both of them are magic specialists. Once you have made your decision, you are immediately transported into the world of Metin 2. Graphically, the 3D rendered environments and character models look really good. The game world in Metin 2 is a very large place and for a game that was released back in 2004, it still looks great. Upon saying this, the impressive graphics and size of the game world do come at a price. Depending on the number of other players logging in and walking around in the game world, I noticed the game lagged quite often. The lag isn’t too unbearable to make the game unplayable, but it’s something I did not notice while I was playing other free-to-play games from the same genre. Another bug that players might encounter is the tendency for your character to get stuck beside walls. You have to control your character using the mouse only and this can get a little frustrating to do. Sometimes your character will go into the general direction you clicked on, only to find yourself stuck on the side of a wall. My character did this several times and it got annoying to redirect my character all the time. It would have been more user-friendly if Metin 2 allowed you to control your character via the keyboard instead. The best thing in Metin 2 is without a doubt the combat. It’s always great when a game implements combat in real-time. When you have equipped your character with a weapon, you are then able to dish out some cool looking combos as a result. In some games you are only able to attack enemies one at a time, but in Metin 2, you have the ability to hit up to three enemies with one combo. This was really helpful as the enemies relentlessly attack you when they see you are hurting their friends. One thing that might ruin the fluidity of the game is that you are forced to level-up constantly in order to progress. If you want to undertake a new task, you are often required to reach the next level first in order to do this. Leveling up in Metin 2 is more time consuming than it is in other MMORPG games that it can get a little tedious and boring. Although the great thing about this is that more experienced players won’t be able to challenge beginners to a fight. PvP combat is only unlocked if you reach level 15. This is unlike when I played a game called Shaiya and another user beat me up when I was only at level 5. Thankfully, the game has a decent soundtrack for you to listen. Not only that but the sound effects pretty decent as well. The only thing that is missing is voice actors. Although it’s rare for this to be featured in a MMORPG title since there’s too much dialogue to be recorded anyway. Metin 2 is a fun MMORPG game that fans of the genre will find very enjoyable to play. If you aren’t a fan of MMORPG games, Metin 2 might not tickle your fancy as it’s a game that will takes hours of your free time in order to enjoy properly. Nevertheless, Metin 2 is free-to-play so there’s no harm in at least giving this game a try.

Rating: 4.50 [Rate]
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Metin 2

Metin 2

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