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Idol Days Sim Date Review

Idol Days Sim Date Review

Idol Days Sim Date is a sim dating game that lets you assume the role of an aspiring female rock star wanting to join a rock band. Being the only female in the group, your objective is to build a strong relationship with one (or more) of your male band mates and date them.

This goes without saying that this game is squarely aimed for young girls. It's still a fun game to play but I doubt straight male game players would all feel comfortable playing a game of this nature...

Before you start off on your adventure, you will have to choose the name and attributes of your female rock star. I called my character "Cassadee" named after Cassadee Pope who is a female rock star in her own right singing in a band called "Hey Monday". The attributes you will choose are her "Wisdom", "Skill" and "Charm". Choosing which attribute you will excel in most will affect which boy you're going to eventually date.

The game starts off on a quiet note as your character walks into the big city for the first time in hopes of finding a band she could join in. It just happens the first person you bump into is a drummer for a rock band needing a guitarist. Once you talk about yourself, he likes you and introduces you to the rest of his band.

From then on, you have 30 days to get ready for a big concert the band will be performing in. As well as trying to improve on your guitar skills, it's up to you to build a strong relationship with your male band mates. Since you only had 30 days (which isn't a long time in this game) I only spent the time to build a relationship with only one band member.

In those 30 days it's up to you to build up your "Charm", "Wisdom" and "Skill" while trying to please one of the boys in your band. Much like in a real relationship you cannot simply ask to date the boy without getting to know him better.

It was quite humorous when I chose to say "Date" and the boy responded in kind saying it was way too early to start dating. It is up to you to try and talk to the boy you want to potentially date to get to know him better and build a relationship so that you can start dating before the big concert in 30 days.

In those 30 days you can start off by earning money by working at a fast food joint or a record store. Earning a bit of money can be a good way to buy gifts for your potential boyfriend. Before you do that it pays to actually choose a boy you'd like to know more about and start talking to him.

This is pretty much how the rest of the game plays out. Once you've talk to a certain boy enough he'll start to like you can then you can go out on a date with him. Buying him gifts is a good way to build a strong relationship with him faster as the days go by.

Once you've gone out on a date with him you've pretty much achieved the pinnacle of this simulated dating game. You are now ready to go out on stage and rock out with your band. I surprisingly liked Idol Days Sim Date . It wasn't as boring and lame as I initially thought it was going to be like. It quite possibly could be the best simulated dating game I've ever played. If you're a young girl, you'll definitely have fun playing this game.

Have fun playing Idol Days Sim Date Game