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Pirate Crusaders

Pirate Crusaders A Pirate browser game,rated as BEST SLG-MMO 2015!! Join thousands of others already playing this glorious title. Adventures are set to take place somewhere in the 16th century when navigation progress opened up a world of possibilities for daring adventurers and profit oriented merchants. Pirate Crusaders continent was a prosperous peaceful land as long as the Emperor lived. Unfortunately, after his death, opportunists rose to power and the continent was divided by a two faction conflict. The biggest battle was fought at Blackwater Bay where East Aldrich armies clashed with West Douglas forces. On top of it, the South Seas are invaded by Northern foes. Only Pirate Crusaders players have the power to bring peace once again to this divided kingdom.

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Pirate Crusaders

Pirate Crusaders

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Enjoying a Challenging Pirate Themed Strategy MMORPG on Pirate Crusaders

Affection towards pirates related stuff have increased in recent years, triggering interest from game developer in crafting new titles with that exciting theme. One that recently attracting game lovers' attention is an outing published by Crimson Games titled, Pirate Crusaders. free MMORPG no download and browser based game, offer a unique combination between role playing setup with real time strategy for its battle system. Game lovers will be taken into a gaming world where pirates and navy are battling to have control over Blackwater Bay, which is considered valuable in this game. As it was slightly explained above, this game's main story revolves around the battle for power between two factions, the Pirates which is being represented by East Aldrich against the Navy which is also known as West Douglas. Those two are actually the main options that game lovers must pick before they start their gaming journey, aside from selecting whether they are keen on being a male or female captain. There are no particular class being set as basic option as players can only choose which gender they are keen on playing with. Not actually an exciting character setup indeed, especially since no customization is made available either by the games developer. The focus seems to be on providing many other captains that can become an ally during battles.

pirate crusaders picture screen 1

This game's mechanic's is not complicated at all as gamer will be given clear tasks along with explanation on what they should be doing. Nevertheless, with the auto direction setup, gamer won't have any trouble in completing every assignments they are being given or even finding which route they must take to complete those missions. Like any other free MMO RPG games,most tasks given will eventually ends up in battle against enemies, so should game lovers received any weapon or gears before getting into battle, they must not forget in activating them. Aside getting help from recruited captains, game enthusiasts can also pair themselves with fellow players in battling tough enemies, creating an interesting interactive setup.

pirate crusaders picture screen 2

Explaining more about the battle system, this game basically uses classic turn based strategy grid setup which are quite common for any RPS fans. Game lovers can't immediately attack their enemies as they must reached certain distance before blasting their fire power towards opponent's ships. Meanwhile, any players' comrades during battles are being controlled automatically, so gamer can only mobilize their own ship. Not only the normal cannon attack, this game also offer special skills for gamer lovers which they can use in every battle ground, though it's much more wiser to use it when fighting difficult enemies since it can make things much easier. Not only getting into certain area for combat, gamer can also fight against random monsters in the sea by clicking on it each time they pass them. For those who are quite confused with the turn-based strategy system, they can just switch things into auto and just worry more about preparing their ships and crews instead.

pirate crusaders picture screen 3

Fortunately,Pirate Crusaders do offer plenty gaming features that can distract players from any of those minor parts. Whether it's another PvE setup or PvP battles, game lovers will surely experience tons of entertainment while playing. Moreover, other stuff such as pet system, boat manufacturing along with daily bosses plus dungeons also provide that fun gaming experience for every players. Being able to create your own ship along with upgrading pets will surely add that addictive factor for game enthusiasts, notably those who are keen with those kind of features. At times, this game sometime offer a very classic approach towards strategy RPG games, as character visualization isn't being used as one of the main appealing aspect. However, those who have strong affection on turn-based strategy battle plus interest in pirate related theme should find Pirate Crusaders and interesting outing to play with. The simple and smooth navigation also makes it more comfortable for gamer, though the battle setup might be rather tough for new players, who are not familiar with this naval strategy setup. That's probably why this game's developer decided to provide the auto-battle system, hoping that confused new gamer can use it instead or at least learn from it before eventually grasping the whole combat system.

pirate crusaders picture screen 5

Overall, Pirate Crusaders is another interesting pirates themed free no download MMORPG that have certain appeal for specific fans, but might not be something that everyone can enjoy. Lack of visual human character interaction during games, somewhat difficult battle system can definitely be a downer unless the gamer is a true fan of that style of online gaming. Nevertheless, since it's a free browser-based outing, there's little harm for any RPG enthusiasts to actually give this title a shot, notably if they are looking for something simple too pass time with. Meanwhile, those who have always been a lover of strategy type of battles can find this outing as an interesting challenge to conquer since every boss games can be very challenging and also thrilling. Not having to download anything before playing it certainly an advantage that hopefully the developer will continue on considering while they craft new titles sometime in the future.

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