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Shadowbound Another Classic Online RPG Adventure with Shadow Bound Having been known with its productive releases of MMO games, renown gaming developer, R2Games provide another interesting outing for RPG lovers, titled, Shadow Bound. This fantasy-medieval themed game is set to take gamer into that magical world with dragons, monster, magicians and other classic element of RPG. Players who are fascinated with this kind of theme will most likely enjoy their experience in this outing as it does provide that entire classic element which might be missed from recent modern themed MMORPG. In this game, players are being asked to become that hero, who is expected to help the gaming world from evil force which is lurking.

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Shadowbound Game Review Continues...

Starting things off, players can pick one out of three classes being provided, which are: Warrior, Mage along with Hunter. As many games would probably know already, each of those classes have its own pluses and negatives, so it's advised to simply pick the one that suits with your playing style. Aside from picking one of those three, early on gamer must also select which servers they're keen on playing at, plus deciding on the gender of their hero. After completing all of those early gaming process, players are set to start their adventure by completing several quests in an auto setup.

Many gamer who already common with MMORPG should already acknowledge the auto pahting system which basically aid players' mobility in playing as they don't need to wonder around certain areas or dungeons. With just a simple click of their mouse, gamer will be taken to any place they're required or keen on visiting. Players should not get worried of being unable to explore different areas aside from the story related quest as they can just pick any previous dungeons that have been explored if they are keen on leveling up. Unfortunately, the battle is also being set as an automatic one, so gamer can't really control anything when facing up against enemies as every move have been setup accordingly. Still, gamer can definitely set things up for their characters before embarking on battle by picking the right armors and activating any skills or setting up a correct battle formation.

Although the automatic setup can take away a bit of fun from playing, Shadow Bound's developer tried to make things up by providing several interesting features such as exciting Arena PvP challenge, Training Ground, Treasure Cove and others. Moreover, the easy operational system can actually give that comfortable feel, especially for new gamer who might want to adapt with this type of genre. The game interface is also quite user friendly as it's not clogged or filled with unnecessary stuff, making things much easier for viewing. Added with a pretty graphic which shows lovely landscape along with fine looking characters design, really create that nice combination of element that brought many joyful playing experiences.

Just as it was slightly described above, Shadow Bound's game control is basically a very simple one as gamer only need to click their mouse when executing any required actions or command. There's no other completed keyboards setup, so players can simply focusing themselves on enhancing their hero's characteristic to complete every mission along with competing with other players. Aside from challenging others, just like any other online gaming titles, SB also offers guild setup which not only gives gamer opportunity to collaborate with others but joining it can also give many special bonuses.

The storyline along with game play of SB might not be something totally new, but the effort it providing interesting features along with other gaming element, give that entertaining value for this latest outing from R2Games. Another interesting features that can also be enjoyed by RPG lovers from this outing is the ability to use mercenaries along with guardian during battles, giving a much more fun battling experience since gamer can also modified those addition fighters' characteristic just like the main hero. Moreover, there's also a guardian that will give another extra help for players during battle by showcasing exquisite skills.

Being a quite simple game to play, the difficulty level of Shadow Bound can be quite annoying, since it's strongly related with players' ability in quickly enhancing their character along with his/her companions. Things are relatively easy early on, but as things goes by, gamer suddenly required to embark on Arena battle or revisiting several dungeons in order to level up or improve their hero's characteristic, before being able to continue the basic storyline. It will definitely require some efforts along with time for gamer in creating a strong character which can compete in PvE and also PvP battle in this game, unless they are willing to use real money.

Overall, Shadow Bound is still an interesting title to play, especially for those RPG lovers who are keen on experiencing that classic gaming journey. Despite some minuses especially regarding the time required in enhancing your character, this outing did manage to provide plenty enjoyable stuff, especially with its fun gaming features. At times, playing it is quite similar with trying out Android based game which are often quite user friendly and not complicated compared to other MMORPG titles. Being a free-to-play game which doesn't really requiring any download setup, Shadow Bound can be another exciting gaming journey for RPG lovers.

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