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Sword Saga

Sword Saga Sword Saga is an enthralling Browser RPG Games. Forget repetitive leveling and automatic battles, and steel yourself for intuitive turn-based combat. Dive into in-depth strategic combat and be enthralled by the beautiful fantasy world contained by your screen.

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Sword Saga

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Enjoying Fun and Entertaining Role Playing Adventure With Sword Saga

Fantasy is always considered as one of the best theme for role playing games since it drives up the dream of most gamer of that genre. This is possibly why renowned R2Games decided to sent out another exciting online RPG with that kind of genre, which is titled, Sword Saga. Just like its title, this outing revolves around fantasy land and medieval feel with warriors, mages, kingdom, monsters and other stuff which are related with that theme. Although it's a quite common background setup, Sword Saga still provide an interesting story line that could glue RPG lovers who always looking forward for that aspect when playing the genre.

 Swords Saga game review screen 1

In this game, players are being set in becoming mercenary leader, who at first was asked to protect a priestess, but eventually things got escalated due to the involvement of evil organization. That situation basically forced gamer to embark on many interesting quest and battles while recruiting other fighters that will be much of help when facing all the enemies in this game. The basic idea of this outing is to have gamer setting up their own team of heroes and engage in many battles while experiencing a fun adventure in that medieval fantasy world of Sword Saga.

Just as many other browser based online games from R2 Games, in starting Sword Saga, players are asked to register an account, whether it's via email or simply connecting it with their social media. It's an easy registration process nevertheless and once it's done, gamer can immediately start their adventure by picking the server that they keen on joining. Beginning the gaming adventure, gamer must chose one out of three available classes, which are: Warrior, Mage and Shooter. All have their own pluses and minuses, so gamer should just pick which type of class that suits their playing style the most. In the game itself, players will eventually pick up other type of that available classes as part of their mercenary team, so what gamer must do is simply acknowledging the right strategy for their chosen hero.

There are not any options in doing any modification on the class though since this game doesn't provide that setup which are found in some other MMORPG titles. Basically, gamer can only chose on whether they want to control a male or female character, but they can't do much modification on the appearance since it's already been set. However, during the game, players can freely pick on what kind of gears they can put on their hero to make them have a slight unique appearance. Overall, it's not such a bad thing, though there are some gamer who likes to modify the appearance of their hero, so it suits their fantasy the most.

 Swords Saga game review screen 2

Getting into the game, players will immediately received quests or assignments, along with the game's story line which is being explained in a text-based version. Gamer also received short guidance about the things they should be doing while completing those early mission as everything being explained on the screen. There's not much complex things that players are facing in the game, so even those who haven't had much experience with online gaming can simply enjoy their adventure with ease. Another positive thing is regarding the game's interface, which is quite comfortable as it seems to separate each players with another so everything doesn't look to be a messy venture.

Similar with many MMORPG, this game also provide autopathing, so gamer can comfortably go to every mission without having to wander around searching for their next destination. Although, there are those who would like to explore many stuff while playing, but it shouldn't be much of an issue as they can still opt not to use the auto pathing and explore things on their own. The game control itself use a simple keyboard function combined with mouse, a quite common setup made in many MMORPG. Similar setup is also used during battle, as gamer can either chose to activate their attacking option with keys or mouse. During battle mode, everything is being set in a semi-auto, which basically means that gamer can only control the attacking moves of their character.

Being set in a semi auto format, there isn't much tactical setup that gamer can actually do during battles, that's why it's more essential in preparing everything before hand. Setting up the available skills that can be used, putting on the best gears along with arranging mercenaries' position are some stuff that can be done before embarking on any fights. As it was slightly explained above, setting up the right position for the hero along with other mercenaries is an essential part before battling, because making a wrong setup can cause plenty difficulties in that battlefield.

Visually, this game is quite decent as it does provide a quite interesting character design and pretty background world, though being a browser based setup it's definitely limited in that department. Players shouldn't be expecting a modern and exciting visual, which can be seen in many current MMORPG out there, but they can still enjoy a good enough playing experience. Having a friendly interface also helps out a lot, since the calm viewing simply brought a comfortable eyesight while playing, something that can't always be said for some online games out there.

 Swords Saga game review screen 3

Although being mostly setup as a PvE type of outing, but there are also many PvP actions that gamer can embark on which can create that diverse atmosphere while playing. Moreover, despite having that real cash system being implemented for those keen on acquiring many special stuff, gamer can still enjoy and finish this game without having to pay for anything. Not requiring any downloading also makes it much more comfortable in playing as players can easily enjoy Sword Saga through laptops or even tabs since it doesn't require much internal memory.

In all, this outing is an interesting MMORPG that can brought plenty entertainment for game lovers, especially those who are keen with this kind of genre. Despite still having some minor points, such as the lack of classes, modification options for character design and a grind fest kind of setup, Sword Saga do provide many fun stuff while playing it. That comfortable atmosphere, easy control and fast paced setup can help gamer a lot, notably for new players who might not get the hand of only games as just yet. Taking everything into consideration, Sword Saga is something worth trying for any online game mania out there who wants to enjoy a comfortable yet attractive role playing adventure.

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