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Festival Days Sim Date

Festival Days Sim Date Festival Days Sim Date is a typical simulated dating game where you are a little school girl trying to find a date. It's set in a local school and city and its your goal to find a date before your school hold its big annual Festival. Within those 30 days you can earn money or work part time to help out run your school festival. You can also talk to other school mates about the festival and potential partners you would like to go on a date with eventually. Unlike some other sim dating games I played recently, this game had a more homely feel to it. This is because it was set in the real world and you meet real humans. It made the game a bit more realistic unlike other ones where you are in a fantasy world meeting up with unworldly creatures... The only downside to the real-life setting of the game is the lack of fun activities you can do. Unlike in Wonderlands Sim Date there's not really anything you can do in Festival Days apart from talking to people and working. The only extracurricular activity you can do in this game is do a bit of bakery to prepare for the Festival. It's nothing much but at least it's more exciting than talking to boys all the time. There is one girl that you can potentially be partners with as well. The one thing that I'd give advice to players is that remember who you are talking with and what their festival is about. If you choose to visit the wrong place at the festival you will not be able to see the correct ending. Festival Days Sim Date is a little cliche at not as fun as other sim dating games I've played but its realism will entice some gamers. Preteen girls who are still in school and are looking for their first partner will benefit most by playing Festival Days Sim Date. Not sure if anyone else outside that demographic would want to play this game though. This cute dating simulation for girls game is very enjoyable, fun and easy, perfect for young teenagers and gamers.In 30 days you need to find a boyfriend at the festival. Flirt and date up to 4 handsome boys who each have their own unique personalities. There are 12 different endings and many side events to keep players entertained.

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Festival Days Sim Date

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