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Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom Embarking on A fun Anime-style Adventure with Aura Kingdom. The popularity of role playing game genres are undoubted in recent gaming industry, especially for current MMO realm, as there's plenty of titles being developed using this type of style. Making things much more merrier in that genre, Aeria Games recently unleashed an interesting anime inspired MMORPG for your pleasure, titled, Aura Kingdom, which provides gamer with another exiting adventure.

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Aura Kingdom

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Aura Kingdom Game Review continues

This outing seemingly offers that classic RPG experience, such as Final Fantasy series, or any other titles that gamer usually played on gaming consoles.

In Aura Kingdom, players are being taken into that fantasy world in which was being created from a special power named the cube of Gaia. However, power from that cube eventually brought that essence of problems as there evil force using it for their own purpose, while gamer basically being set up as those virtue warrior who will be battling against that evil force while lurking for the true nature of that source of power. Starting things out, players are provided with a glimpse of what they can get as they immediately got into battle against a boss which shouldn't be anything difficult as gamer already given quite high level along with good equipment already for that early part. However, once that battle is over, is basically when things really start as gamer being brought back into the beginning and starting their journey from scratch.

Before officially beginning their journey, gamer will be given an option in choosing their class from quite wide range of choices, which includes the likes of, Guardian, Duelist, Ravagar, Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Grenadier and Gunslinger. Character's creation in Aura Kingdom is also pretty neat as players are being provided with adequate options to make a unique physical setup which can differ them with any other players. Although it's not necessarily super complete, but the choices available should be more than enough to entertain any MMORPG lovers.

Just as any other game with similar genre, Aura Kingdom's game play basically take players into that fantasy adventure where gamer will be interacting with all the people around, running errands, finishing quests both which related to the basic story-line or that special duties which earned players special items. There's also that common auto-pathing option which can really help any new online gamer to do any of their required mission without losing any grip in the actual story and got confused figuring out what they should be doing next. Aside from that, there's also other exciting elements being provided to make your adventure much more easy such as gliding ability or hoping on your mount in making any of your trip much faster.

Not only getting yourself a very useful mount, gamer is also being aided with Eidolons in this game, which won't only help out during battle but also providing that important aid during the players' gaming journey. The system can be considered similar with pet system in any other MMORPG titles, so those who have already played any other titles won't have that much of an issue in figuring things out. Another interesting ability that this Eidolons have is connecting to Gaia, which although taking few minutes, but it will reward gamer with special gear that can help their character during battle.

Having a pretty familiar game play for an RPG isn't only the positive element that can be found from Aura Kingdom as players will also find the control system pretty simple since it's just a basic keyboard plus mouse combination or just picking one of them. The buttons being used for those keen in using keyboard are that basic ones for MMORGP, which are the, WASD along with other keys to activate skills or other commands.

Meanwhile, speaking more about the battle system, Aura Kingdom gives that action RPG kind of vibe where gamer can attack their enemies in an active time where they can combine normal attack with their skill moves when trying to down any monsters. Moreover, making the combat much more exciting, gamer can also use other action commands such as jumping or even gliding which won't only help them in avoiding attacks but also setting up certain attacking strategies that an be used against certain kind of enemies or maybe for battles against other players in the PvP setup.

Another important features that is being introduced in Aura Kingdom, is The Envoy's Path, which basically a substitute for basic skill system that normally used in any role playing games. This unique system being set in a different manner though as players are being given that freedom in choosing what kind of path that they want for their character to make it unique. Not only that, the stats' system is also being set in a very free fashion as gamer can input what kind of element they wan't to improve from their character.

Just as it was previously explained, Aura Kingdom is an anime style game so the graphic is naturally fun, fresh and lovely, though it might not be the style that every RPG lovers dig. However, it still provides an eye catching designs which won't bore anyone keen on trying out this outing. Although the PvP features is not being expanded into its maximum, but it's still a rather common option that can be seen with many MMORPG as they're taking more emphasize on its PvE and crafting that fun gaming journey with many interesting features.

Overall, Aura Kingdom is another interesting MMORPG title which offers a well polished playing system a lovely anime-style world that should really attract many gamer who happened to like this kind of genre. Some bugs and simple story line can still be replace with its depth gaming features, unique system that simply made things very interesting for any players, even for those who are still starting things out. In all, it's obviously a recommended option for those keen on tasting another fantasy adventure which offers nothing but fun and enjoyment.

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