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Ashtaria Experiencing Exciting Text-Based RPG With Ashteria Facebook have grown from just a simple social media into one of the most popular online gaming platform this days, with many titles and various genres tempting gamer to keep on using the social media. One of the game that caught game lovers' eyes these days are a text-based RPG from Dreamslair Entertainment production titled, Ashtaria. This outing can be described as an ambitious project for a Facebook based game, as the company provide such intense story line along with detailed graphics.

In Ashtaria, gamer will be taken into the mythical fantasy world in which there's an ongoing war between good and evil, which basically the essence of most RPG story. For this outing, the 'good guys' are being represented by light goddess called Ashtaria, so gamer will mostly taking her side if they're keen on becoming the protagonist in this game. Meanwhile, the force of evil in this realm comes from Kain, a darkness god who is keen on taking control of things, forcing the light to seek for aid.

Starting the game, players will be asked to chose their character's avatar from three playable races, before eventually choosing several customization options, which albeit not much, but can still be considered good enough, considering it's just a facebook game. After finishing that early part, players will also be given the privileged in training their chosen characters into basic classic, such as mage, cleric, hunter and warrior. Each of those classes have their own pluses and minuses, so it's better for gamer to simply pick which one that suits them the most. Once players have determined what class they're keen on using, they can finally start developing their main character's skills and finishing all the available quests.

The game play of this outing is pretty similar with any other text-based RPG titles, where gamer will be given several assignments that they must finish to keep the story going and getting several stuffs which can enchance their characters. One interesting aspect from this game is its' animatic fighting scenes that can provides an interesting spectacle for those who might be bored with plain simple texts. Being setup in a compass like interface, players are set to pick between several setup mission for each stage and in the end gamer will receive some prices.

Just as many facebook games, Ashteria also uses an energy bar which will affect your character's ability in winning any of your fights. The battle is being set in a sort of turn-based system where gamer basically take turn with their enemies when attacking each others. Aside from attacking, players also have other options during battle, such as choosing a defense stance or using any available items. Furthermore, as the game goes by, players will be receiving additional helps for their battle such as skills along with equipment and another interesting thing from this game is that gamer can see changes in their avatar's appearance each time they upgrade them with new stuffs.

The game control for Ashteria is also pretty simply since it's a facebook based outing, players only need to use their mouse in executing every command, including during every battles. Keyboards' buttons are not necessary for this outing, which is basically something that any gamer who have played other facebook games would know. So, there's nothing really complicated in this outing, even for those who haven't experienced this type of game.

Just as it was previously mentioned, this game has a pretty neat graphic despite being a facebook based outing. The developer crafted an interesting animatic scenes during fights which should provide cool entertainment aside from checking out its' unique characters design. However, there's might be some lag because of this animation exposure, but it might not be disturbing for those who have an adequate computer setup for gaming. Being setup in a social media platform, the community for Ashteria is basically similar to what many experience in other facebook games, so it might not be as active as MMORPG titles, where players can do many things with their online friends.

Being a text-based outing, there's obviously that confusing element in several areas as sometimes the NPC assignments or story kinda get abrupt at times. Moreover, there's always that energy limitation which forced gamer to simply wait for a certain amount of time before they can re-start their journey in that game. Obviously, to overcome any limitations or acquiring many pluses in this outing, gamer must use an in-game cash, which should really help things out for those who don't have any issues in splashing their money for online gaming.

Overall, Ashteria is an interesting text-based RPG game which provides gamer with exciting storyline, entertaining adventure, animated graphics which might not be that common for this kind of genre. However, considering it's being setup in facebook gaming space, there's that certain limitation that they must endure. Still, this outing a worthy option for those who are keen on trying out any type of RPG, which are not too complicated and easy to control.

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21 May 2014Ragnart
Like this game very fantasy !!!  Vader  Gun toot smiley
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