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Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me If you are looking for the games that offer exciting, romance and full of mystery then the sim game Always Remember Me is right game for you. You start playing as Amy or Amarantha Fitch, the girlfriend of Aaron Cowen. Their relationship is full of happiness, but unfortunately Aaron lost his memory because of the car accident by protecting Amy from the collision. The game is about Amy who wants to win back Aarons heart even with amnesia. Amy is attending her first year of college for creative writing and she likes writing poetry. When she was young her parents died and now living with her aunt Gwenda. She is working in the ice cream parlor shop to save money for her tuition. She and Aaron are engaged since few years ago. Aaron Cowen is the boyfriend of Amy you has an amnesia and he is the son from a rich family. The game is all about Aaron who only forgot about Amy so in order to make him remember her, all she needs to do is visit him always and give some item that they both shared with good memories of their love. I can say that the game is interesting because there are some characters that are against on Amy and Aarons relationship. Plus there is this so called secret admirer of Amy. The game has three handsome characters besides Aaron, and they are Eddy, Lawrence and Hugh. They can become a rival of Aaron and one of them might be the secret admirer of Amy. The three of them has a significant role in the game. Eddy is the doctor of Aaron and he gives some advices to Amy on how to make Aaron remembers her. Lawrence is the co-worker of Amy and he is a good friend. Lastly Hugh is an immature guy and Amy doesnt like him much. They might have romantic feelings towards Amy that may offer the chances of romance. The game has very good features that you will really like, and it has different task. Amy needs to collect money, culture, creativity, discipline, morale and energy. The points that Amy may gather depends on the activity you choose which gain or lost points. Every day has different task that Amy can choose from and also in terms of communication be careful choosing between the choices because they can gain or deduct points. Amy needs to earn money to buy some items that are useful in every task and earning money. Amy can earn them buy successfully finish her summer job, spending them for fun or making her friend happy. The game is well made but there are some aspects of the game that are not still well made perfectly, like the fonts of the choices on the screen which are not very visible while playing, animation, scenes and effects like the usual sim games on the internet. As a whole the game is still good and has an exciting love story after all. The sound effects and background music are exciting and romantic for a game of romance. The game has different endings depending on how well you performed in the game. You can try and see the fun scenes in every ending you choose.

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Always Remember Me

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Amys boyfriend Aaron lost his memory in a road accident and now he doesnt know who she is! Can they rekindle their romance, or will she find comfort with someone else? Life simulation. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amys destiny.

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