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Crush Crush Idle Dating Sim

Crush Crush Are you looking for a fun and flirty game to kill some time and make you laugh out loud? Crush Crush is a Idle Dating Sim. Begin your quest to win the hearts of your townís lovely ladiesÖ after a disastrous intro or two! To do it youíll have to build your stats, unlock amazing new jobs, and then sweep your waifu off her feet with exotic dates, the perfect gift, or maybe a tickle fight or two

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Crush Crush Idle Dating Sim


Crush Crush Review

Crush Crush is an interesting new dating sim that is available to play on the PC. There are a variety of ways that you can access the game, but most people can stumble upon it via Steam. Itís totally free to play so most people shouldnít have trouble launching this game at all. is another way that you can play the game. Crush Crush has the most interesting introduction that I have seen in a dating sims video game. You are pretty much a person riding on their bike that is blind and doesnít see the young girl in the middle of the road. You crash into the girl and she needs to go to hospital. You now have the say sorry and apologize to her.

Usually dating simulations donít start off like this, so this is an original premise. In real life, Iím pretty sure a pretty girl wonít start to like me if I accidentally hit her with my bike. She would probably never want to see my face again! Anyway this is a video game and you can actually visit her in hospital to try and make her to like you. Obviously things starts off very sour since you are the person responsible for her injuries in the first place. Itís going to be a long journey to make her try and date you.

You donít need to create your own character as you just click buttons and see the girls that you have to date. Girls are the only gender available for you to date in this game. If you are a gay guy, you may want to play another dating simulator. Lesbian women can play Crush Crush too if they are attracted to cute anime style girls. The first girl that you injured is the first one that you have to impress. You can impress her in a number of ways and that includes getting a job to earn money for gifts, or to simply be intimate with her. The first job you can do is flip burgers at a fast food joint. You earn money and skills for your efforts. As you progress, you can try and woo more girls too.

Aside from getting a job, you can also get a hobby to improve on your own personality traits. Dancing makes you more suave, while other hobbies such as being an actor improve on your humour and more. The more traits you have, the more you are able to attract more girls. You can say sorry to her many times, although itís going to take a while for her to fully forgive you. This game acts like a RPG of sorts as you have to level up in order for her to actually like you. You can check out her biography to know the types of things that she likes and more. The game itself is so simple to play as there is no storyline or even different scenes that you can see. In other dating sims I have seen in the past, you at least have a storyline or piece of dialogue that you have to get through. Here in this game, itís a simple clicking game as all you see are a couple of menu screens to press.

The main objective of the game is to gain enough affection for a girls (or girls) in order for you to date them. If you manage to get them out on a date, many photos will be stored inside of the Memory Album. You can then look at all of the cute photos of the attractive girls that are in this game. Currently, the Steam version of Crush Crush is clean meaning you wonít see any nude photos or anything like that. The developer is hoping to work on a new patch for it to be implemented in the near future. If you play the game on, itís all uncensored. This means you can see all of the parts of the female body for your viewing pleasure. Playing the game on Nutaku is probably the better way to go if you want to unlock more pictures.

Anyway the Crush Crush game itself has impressive illustrations I must say. All of the girls are animated very well and the photos you unlock are worth it. Itís perfect for anyone that feels lonely out there and just wants to see some sexy girls. The music has a cool J-Pop soundtrack playing in the background too. Sadly, there are no voice overs so you have to read a bunch of text for the majority of the time. Crush Crush may not be the most engaging sim date game I have ever played, but the gameplay is simple enough for anyone to enjoy it. The incentive to unlock more sexy photos is the main thing that you motivate you to keep on playing. I enjoyed unlocking all of the photos and this game can be strangely addictive. For any lonely person out there, this game is totally worth playing if you love anime style girls.

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