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Kaleidoscope Dating Sim

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim In this dating sim, you play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in a dream world filled with beautiful girls. Can Cero escape with a girl, who can become the love of his life, or stay forever in the Dream, trapped in a nightmare?11 original endings.

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim Game Review

There are many online dating sims that are free to play and a lot of them have great Japanese style animation. The Dating Sim franchise has spawned many games that are based on different genres and scenarios. However, all the games have one thing in common and that is youre required to go out on a date with someone in a months time. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim is no different as it too has the same objective for you to find and date a partner before you reach your time limit of 30 days. The setting for this game is that you have consumed a mysterious drink and have woken up in a dream like world. You are told that you must talk and find a potential partner before you can get back to the real world. Failure to do so, you will remain in the dream-world forever. Its kind of like the story of Inception only without the guns and action. You are a male in this game and have the choice to socialize with three different girls or one guy. Its great to see that some game developers are implementing and accepting same gender relationships. Even major game titles like Mass Effect and the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have supported this feature too. 30 days does not give you a lot of time to talk with all of the characters. Before you can go out on a date with them, you have to talk with them for several days and even buy them appropriate presents. Within the 30 days, you only get the chance to date with at least 2 out of the 4 potential partners. I would have liked if the game gave you more time so you can have a chance to talk to every character in the game. Nevertheless, theres always the chance for you to play the game again. Earning money in this game is very easy to do. All that is required for you to do is just visit the forest to pick and sell a couple of mushrooms. By having money you are able to buy gifts for any of your potential partners. Its advisable not to randomly buy anything from the store as you have to know what your partner actually likes first. This is when talking to the person becomes very important. It can get a bit repetitive talking all the time since this is the main bulk of gameplay. Alas much like in real life, you cannot go out on a date until you at least know the person. Even when you are out on a date, there are certain criteria you must meet before you can even visit the beach! Not only did I have to buy my partner the right drinks, I also had to talk to them more and give them gifts too. It may sound like a hassle but its not all that bad. Once you are on a date with someone, you will know you will be able to complete the game and escape this dream world. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim may not be the most eventful dating sim game Ive ever played, but at least the visuals are great to look at. Fans of dating sims will be happy to know the game is rather easy to play and works on pretty much any computer. Its free to play so theres no excuse to at least give this game a go.

Rating: 4.31 [Rate]
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Kaleidoscope Dating Sim

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