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Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars Welcome! You have entered a portal into a realm where dreams once existed. These dreams have turned into reality, and are coalescing into what we call Infinity Wars. Infinity Wars is a DTCG wonderland, click here to learn more. Mission The DTCG universe has been touched on, lightly, for the past few years. The true strategy and competition of TCG has been lost on mobile and digital portals. We're here to fix that and let you do everything you love in a TCG on the same screen you're reading this from right now. Company Overview Lightmare Studios are the creators of the new Animated "Classic Gameplay" Digital Trading Card Game Infinity Wars in which all cards are earnable in-game, on iPhone, Android, Mac & PC. Lightmare Studios is an independent game design company focused on the production of PC and mobile game titles. We pride ourselves on developing our own unique game concepts which create an engaging and rewarding ... See More Description Infinity Wars is our latest creation that brings the world of C/TCG imagination and competition right to the digital age that we've all become apart of. You love the competition and strategy of the game that you play, and you love that satisfaction of knowing you've outplayed your opponent 3 turns before winning. We have brought that concept to your Computer/Mac/iPhone/Android for the sheer satisfaction of bringing your love of that feeling to your device. General Information Infinity Wars can be played on any PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device. We want to promote a competitive nature with a huge player-base for you to establish yourself as one of the worlds foremost DTCG competitors. Afterall, what fun is winning if it wasn't a challenge? Have a question? Ask us. We are here for you, the gamer, to re-immerse yourself back into the TCG world....but this time it's from a digital portal so you don't have to run all over town carrying a huge case of cards everytime. Check us out, share us around, interact with us, ask us questions. This game is for you.

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Infinity Wars

 Infinity Wars  at aka

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