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Astro Lords

Astro Lords The space realm has been frequently used as theme for games in recent times and with its positive response many companies continue to create exciting titles using this sci-fi world as the basic setup. One of those who are embarking in this type of theme is Bisborg which unleashed an interesting outing titled Astro Lords.

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Astro Lords

 Astro Lords at aka

Click to Play Astro Lords, 3D Space Theme Strategy Battle Game!

Experiencing Space Theme Strategy Battle in Astro Lords

Just by viewing the game's title, one should already acknowledge the main subject of this outing, so those who love this kind of theme can expect an exciting gaming journey.

Astro Lord's genre itself is a MMORTS, which basically offering a tactical setup for gamer who are keen on enjoying this outing's experience. Just many games with similar genres, this title also added a city/empire building element, where gamer are being asked to built their own base before eventually thinking of battling against others. Being a browser based outing, Astro Lords unfortunately isn't providing gamer with intriguing character customization, since it's being set quite similar to facebook based MMO games. So those who already have certain experience in playing that type of games shouldn't feel troubled with the lack of character creation, since the tactical setup is what gamer should be focusing on.

Starting things off, players are being given gaming tutorial which should give enough information about everything they must and can do in this outing. Despite not offering much character customization, Astro Lords do provide game players with seven different classes, they are: Warrior, Spy, Manufacturer, Defender, Cyborg, Scientist and Navigator. Each have its own qualities, so gamer should pick which one that would suit their style the most. From those options, players are urged to pick a captain, especially the first one as it's an essential position in further helping gamer in fighting along with defending their base. Eventually, this game allows gamer to control up to six of them, which will make things much more interesting as each captains are being provided with their own ship that filled with officers, artifacts, runes and ammunition.

As it was slightly explained above, at first players must build their base and create a civilization, so for that to happen, gamer must collect several important resources. Aside from creating necessary buildings, players can also do some research as it's an essential in improving many stuff, including getting better generals, second asteroids and many more. Just as many game with similar style, process of building or creating stuff can be time consuming indeed, especially for players are determined to keep the free-to-play experience going. However, players can still do other stuff such as finishing quests or getting into combat mode against either Aliens or other players, stealing secrets from enemies, those kind of features keep things flowing in this game.

The combat setup in Astro Lords is quite intriguing for this type of genre as gamer are being presented a fast paced, real-time battle in space by using airship. By clicking their mouse, players can make their move and also attack their opponent, but they must be aware that their movement is timed, so they can't just move around as they please. This setup is basically what brought that tactical approach in the battle, as players must pay attention when making every step, especially since some weapons do have certain range to become effective. Moreover, gamer can easily run out of ammunition during battles, so they must stock everything before heading into the combat zone which is being staged in exciting maps.

Basic control for this game is quite simple, just like during combat, gamer basically only need to maximize their mouse in activating any command. There shouldn't be any issue in controlling stuff, even for those who are new to this type of game, since everything is quite simple without any additional complicated combinations being used. As for its' graphic, Astro Lords can be considered as an interesting outing visually, especially with its background imaging. Although this title doesn't really offer much character designs, but the avatars are still being crafted in a fine manner and gamer can actually change things around, despite it's quite limited for free-to-play gamer. Considering it's a browser based game, what's being offered by this outing is something that can be well appreciated, especially for those who are fans of this MMORTS.

Not only having a nice PvE setup, but Astro Lords also provide gamer with an intense and fun PvP battles, where gamer can compete with other players, not only in combat but also in terms of conquering each base. The Arena is providing many battle options for players, so those who are keen with combat can fill their thirst of fighting without much concern. There's also other interesting stuff that players can do aside from attacking other players, such as, raiding, spying or forming an alliance with others. All of those activities can be monitored via diplomacy window, which simply showed all of the required information that can help gamer in arranging new tactics to fulfill their ambition in this game.

Basically, Astro Lords offer gamer the chance to become a ruler of civilization located in space and whether they eventually chose in becoming a ruthless lord or diplomatic one is something that players can decide on their own. Overall, this title is quite interesting outing for a browser based MMORTS as it offers many interesting gaming features and despite the obvious waiting time required in upgrading stuff, this game still give gamer many activities to avoid boredom. Although some gamer might feel less interested with the lack character design and customization, but the developer urged players to set focus more in the game play, which can be quite addicting. It's definitely something that any strategy game enthusiasts worth looking at as they might experience an exciting gaming adventure in a simple setup.

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