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The Archerland -
Play The Archerland , free role playing games online
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The Archerland

The Archerland- Roll over on the castle to see its health line. When the health line is empty your town is captured end the game is over. Build the tower to place an archer on it, make a pit to make enemies go slowly. Click on the castle image on the right panel to go to the building menu.

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The Archerland

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14 November 2009yuyu456
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14 October 2009briandude777
Sweet game, btw guys its a tower defence and their supposed to be hard.
21 September 2009Rulison
totally lame.
28 August 2009trex234
Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead  Scullhead
25 August 2009jhvti321
This ****S Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous
19 August 2009jemardo
SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID I CANT BELIVE I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE GOOD!  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Closed eyes  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Nervous
17 August 2009jeongyun
Oldy  Oldy  Oldy  Oldy sooo hard
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