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Champions Online

Champions Online Champions Online is a Free to Play, with optional Subscription superhero themed massively multiplayer online role playing . The games rules and setting are loosely based on the HERO System ruleset. The game has been released for Microsoft Windows. The game includes non combat crafting skills, such as various studies in science, arms, and magic, in which these have three other specializations players can choose under them. There are also a variety of travel powers, including swinging using webs or grappling hooks, flying, fire flying, jet boot flying, rocket boot jumping, hover disks, super jump, super speed, teleportation, acrobatics ,ice sliding, earth flying, and tunneling. The action takes place in the Champions universe, featuring Champions characters as NPCs. Regions include urban sprawls, dinosaur infested islands, underground ruins, and underwater lairs. A special region called the underground circuit allows player vs player competition.[6] Also, stronghold is used for player vs. player scenarios, in which the player will take on the role of a supervillain trying to break out or a superhero trying to contain them.

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Champions Online

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Champions Online Game Review

Experiencing a Super Hero Journey With Champions Online

Becoming a superhero is something that most of us have surely dream of, maybe even up till now, we still have that imagination in having a special kind of superpower which can wow everyone around us. Obviously that kind of wish is not something that can realistically happen in real life, but one can still taste that kind of experience by playing a game with superhero theme. One title that attracted much attention is Cryptic Studios' Champions Online: Free For All, which has received continuous upgrades recently. Being setup as a paid to play game at first, just as its additional title, Champions Online has become a free and exciting entertainment for any online game enthusiasts.

As it can already be seen from the title, this game emphasizes a lot on Superhero theme where players are allowed to create and customize their hero character that suits with their personal preferences. Unlike other games with similar theme, Champions Online provide much larger customization opportunity as there's many parts being given for gamer to create their specific kind of character. That huge range of customizable parts will surely satisfy game lovers as they can basically create a very different character compared to other players, something that's quite rare for online RPG games. With such large tweaking options, gamer won't have any concern about having similar character setup with other players while playing their game.

This outing's game play is more of an action oriented one compared to classic MMORPG or even any role playing adventure. Being setup loosely on Hero System, Champions Online brought that unique kind of gaming adventure that combines action arcade element with RPG feels, crafting one quite fun experience. In this title, players basically being asked to complete certain missions, interacting with NPCs and any other similar PvE setup that can experienced in others online game. However, there are plenty situations that are not quite RPG like, such as the fact that gamer won't be needing to collect any armors or how successful attacks can trigger more powerful actions and many more.

Without having to collect armors or studying any common RPG skills, players are definitely setting themselves in maximizing the Superhero power which they can pick in the course of their playing adventure that are organized basing on tiers. Basically after certain level players are provided with options of power they can use for their hero, but it will depend on that certain tier rules. However, later on, as gamer are reaching level 26, they can simply pick any type of super strength to use for their character. Moreover, there's also a unique system called as Archetypes where gamer as asked to set focus on certain kind of list that they're keen on improving and eventually adding that extra stats which can even be different from the type of power they already picked.

Although things can be quite overwhelming, but this setup is actually quite fun and easy to play for after they experience it themselves. Regarding the battle system, as it was previously explained, it's pretty much an action based setup where gamer can fight their enemies directly with some exciting movements along with executing their super power. The control is pretty flexible as it combines keys and mouse, though gamer can customize it more into something that suits with their personal liking, especially for battling. Since, there's many mission that need to be solve, there's basically tons of fighting that will be done, so players should get their most comfortable setup to make it much easier for them in fighting enemies.

Despite having such unique system and theme, Champions Online got caught into giving that sort of repetitive entertainment value as after sometime, gamer might feel that they're just doing the same kind of stuff all over again. There's several new areas or gears that being offered by the servers, but it might not be the kind of experience that common RPG lover are expecting. That's why those who already reached endgame would normally pick to go PvPing instead of continuing the ultra grinding experience that the PvE setup offers.

The PvP setup is quite fun, but still not actually the best either especially with many different super power setup that might make things rather difficult for those who are not good at setting up their character's strength or those in medium/lower level. Not only that, rewards being offered by the PvP is not actually that attractive either, making some might feel quite disappointed with it. However, with continuous upgrading being developed, players can expect a much more interesting situation soon, so it's definitely worth to check things out regularly.

Overall, Champions Online is an interesting MMORPG that doesn't only offer quite rare theme, but also crafting a unique playing system that should attract many game lovers, even those who might not be that keen with RPG before. The action packed battle, is definitely a plus point especially in gaining interest from wider range of gamer, outside the Role Playing lover society. Moreover, having that huge amount of customizable parts for characters creation are also something attractive as it's very rare in any online game features. Although there's often a balance issue among players, plus the constant grinding that gamer will experience, this title still offer many fun features that makes it worth trying especially for gamer who always dream of becoming a super hero.

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